Brazilian Butt Lift Q&A

When deciding on butt augmentation, any patient has many questions about security risks, complications, aesthetic result obtained, etc. It is important that answers to these questions were clear, informative, and most importantly – reliable. This topic contains the most frequently asked questions about plastic surgery, answers to which given by leading US plastic surgeons.

Elastic and strong buttocks of a woman are considered to be one of the main criteria for the ideal figure. But today more and more often men resorted to the help of plastic surgery.

Brazilian butt lift became one of the operations that they carried out for aesthetic reasons, for example wanting to adjust the proportions of the figure with the “prominent” shoulders. That is why the butt augmentation is one of the most popular operations in the clinics of plastic surgery.

The increase in the buttocks and give them the desired shape – this is the desire of the patient, which is an indication for the plastic surgery buttock lift. This may be a wish to correct the buttocks, when you do not succeed achieve positive results in the gym, the desire to eliminate the age-related skin laxity and sagging muscles, or operation is carried out to restore the buttocks, damaged as a result of injury.

The details of butt augmentation

The point of the brazilian butt lift consists in installing the implant under the large gluteal muscle of the patient. This method of forming the buttocks at the same time solves several problems: increasing the volume of the buttocks, lifts them up and corrects the shape. The material from which implants are made, is absolutely safe for the human body, it is soft, but very strong, so patients need not worry – it is impossible to accidentally damage.

Implant manufacturers give them a lifetime guarantee, implants can not be deformed with time and absolutely no noticeable by the look, or the touch.

It is important to choose the implant, which is ideally suited to the proportions of the patient’s body because too little will not provide the desired visual effect, and too much can “bulge out” from under the skin, making the shape of the buttocks unnatural.

Butt implants, with which produced gluteal augmentation, are safe for health and proper installation does not cause any inconvenience. Therefore, the implant shape and size are chosen strictly individually for each patient because result of operation depends to a large extent from correct choice.

The implant is installed through an incision in the sacrum, the cut length is only a few centimeters. First, the doctor creates box for the implant under the gluteus maximus muscle, then installs and fixes the implant. Operation completed by seams of bioresorbable materials and applying of dressings.

Technique of the buttocks enhancement surgery at first glance does not seem too difficult, but requires a honed skill of the surgeon, as in the intervention area are many blood vessels and nerves, damage of which can lead to very dire consequences.

The regenerative period

After the surgery, the patient spends night in hospital, and then, in the absence of complaints and complications, he discharged. During the first week, you need bed rest. Solarium, sauna, and all physical activities are prohibited for the next six weeks. Sitting is allowed, but as little as possible in order to implants  have taken the correct anatomical shape. Three months need to wear compression underwear. The only ban that will continue for a lifetime – is intramuscular injections in the buttocks.

Contraindications to gluteal augmentation:

  1. cardiovascular and endocrine systems;
  2. severe diseases of internal organs;
  3. blood clotting disorders;
  4. diabetes.

Buttocks enhancement results

Buttock implant

During this time, the implants will take root, take the natural form, and the figure will acquire an alluring curves. By this time the joints are completely healed, that will make you forget about the operation and return to normal life. All clinics, that offers gluteal augmentation in USA, are presented on our website: here you will find a complete list of them with telephone, address and a list of doctors.

Questions and and anwers about buttocks augmentation

What do buttock implants look like?

Patients should not have any concerns about the fact that after the installation of the implants, buttocks will look unnatural. The risk exists only if you deliberately turn to a specialist who does not have sufficient experience in the gluteal augmentation.

The task of the surgeon is not only to increase the volume, but also to create an anatomically correct shape, which hides the fact of surgery. When the correct installation of the implant and patient compliance with all the recommendations of the expert during postoperative recovery period, the threat of displacement of the implant and, as a result, deformation of the buttocks shape, is minimized. Risk contouring of the implant is extremely low. Therefore, patients who are planning surgery, can not worry about what will face the fact that the shape of the buttocks is unnatural.

Cases in which the patient is dissatisfied with the shape of the buttocks, should be considered as exceptional. Whatever the outcome, there may be options for correction – for example lipofilling method that allows you to use the patient’s own fat to make a modeling of the buttocks. If the problem can not be solved by liposculpture, considered the question of performing of revision butt lift surgery.

What is brazilian buttock augmentation with fat grafting ?

Buttocks lift and augmentation can now be done in two ways – the installation of implants and fat transfer in buttocks, which involves the modeling using the patient’s own fat.

Fat transfer to buttocks includes 2 stages – fence by liposuction of fat tissue and the introduction of the fat in the problem areas in order to increase the volume and contour modeling. Buttock fat transfer has both pluses and minuses. Obvious benefits include: comfortable postoperative recovery, there is no risk of rejection and the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Disadvantages – the possibility only slightly increase the volume of the buttocks, partial adsorption of the transplanted fat (the fat dissolves over time). Despite this, the fat transfer to buttocks is in demand among patients who want to adjust the shape of the buttocks and make more attractive. In addition, during this operation, you can simultaneously simulate the contours of the body in places where fat made fence – more often it is the belly and hips.

Thus, fat transfer to the buttocks helps not only to increase the buttocks, but also removes local fat deposits in other problem areas. In short, the surgery helps the to transplant fat from where is not needed to where is lacking.

What is the structure of the buttocks ?

Buttocks structurally composed of muscle, fat and skin. There is no bones that support all of these tissues. The structure is defined by three buttocks muscles – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius muscle and the small gluteal muscle.

Of all of these muscles, the gluteus maximus is the most robust and strong muscle in the human body. It is responsible for the look of the buttocks. Despite the fact that the muscle tissue of the buttocks is much larger than any other muscle in the human body, in most women is formed the fat on top of tissue.

And although the fat reserves needed to provide vital functions of the body, the excess fat is unlikely to be useful. Over time the buttocks become sagging and flat. The main reason for this – the weakening of the gluteal muscles. Weak muscles can no longer maintain the excess fat, and therefore, the body structure does not allow a woman to have a desired shape of the buttocks.

Excess fat and the aging process – not the only reasons that the buttocks begin to sag. In some people, this process is laid in the genes, and it is difficult to influence the situation. Genetic features, the excess fat and underdeveloped muscles – that is directly affects the structure of the buttocks.

Every woman dreams that her buttocks looked toned and elastic, but unfortunately, due to circumstances not every woman can boast of ideal forms. In some cases, even a proper diet and regular physical exercise does not give the desired effect. To change their lives for the better, the women turn to cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

How is buttock augmentation done?

All questions for and against of brazilian buttock augmentation should be discussed with the surgeon beforehand to make sure that you fully understand the purpose of this operation.

On our site you can learn more about the technique of the operation, as well as watch video of buttocks surgery. US doctors have accumulated a lot of experience in several years of practice in this area. For us, buttock augmentation is not a temporary fashion boom. This is – a long tradition.

What types of implants are used for butt augmentation?

Surgeons use implants filled with a highly cohesive soft silica gel. The term “highly cohesive” means that the filler is manufactured using high-tech, preventing outflow of the gel and its migration in the case of the implant shell rupture. Surgeons use only officially certified implants. On all implants is given a lifetime warranty.

How long is the gluteal augmentation? What is rehabilitation after buttocks enhancement?

Water-based buttock implants

Buttock augmentation with both sides takes about 1-1.5 hours. The recovery period after buttock enlargement takes 10-14 days. Complete adaptation will take about a month. Follow all recommendations of your surgeon.

What can I expect after bum lift surgery?

As after any surgery, you will feel uncomfortable not only in the buttocks. To you probably get tired of long lying on his stomach. The most typical complaint – muscle pain at the site of the gluteal implant location.

Muscles as a result of surgery is significantly stretched over the implant, which causes a feeling of strong pressure on the buttocks. Full implementation of all recommendations of your doctor can significantly reduce discomfort after the operation.

Using compression underwear immediately after surgery can significantly reduce pain and promote faster healing and proper fixation of the implant. Compression hosiery must be worn at least 21 days.

If the laundry is not uncomfortable recommended to extend its use to 1.5 months, the period required for the final formation of the capsule around the implant.

I do sports with larger loads. Can I get back to my usual loads after buttock augmentation surgery ?

Of course! Buttock implants are designed to withstand heavy loads. You can go back to your normal physical activities, including sports. The maximum physical exertion we recommend to give in 3 months after surgery (to complete healing of internal tissues).

I have already made butt augmentation, and I am very unhappy, because the implants are similar to two balls and visible under the skin, and I feel the pain in this area. Can you help me?

Many patients are turning to surgeons with similar problems. Improperly installed implants lead to poor aesthetic results, and can also cause complications in the future.

Such a situation should be corrected by removing the old implant and installation new silica gel implants under the gluteus maximus muscle.

Can implants rejected my body?

The experience and deep knowledge of the problem allows to assert that so-called rejection is usually caused by:

    1. incorrect placement of the implant;
    2. incorrect choice of implant size;
    3. the use of implants for mammoplasty which not intended for buttock enlargement, not only because of their shape and because of the strength of the shell;
  1. using solid or semisolid silicone of the silicone elastomer;
  2. seroma development due to internal bleeding from rough surgery;
  3. violation of post-operative mode;
  4. failure to comply with recommendations which cause too much load (eg, sex) on the gluteal region in the first days after surgery.

My buttocks are small and look flat, how can i get a really big butt?

Plastic surgeons are working to implement the wishes of patients. They make every effort to achieve maximum results limited by only anatomic features of gluteal region.

In cases where patients want to get a very large volume of buttocks, performed a two-stage operation, when a year later, after a sufficient stretching of the skin and tissue, set the implant of maximum volume in the prepared box.

Will my buttocks seem natural? or will it be readily apparent that the operation was carried out?

One of our major achievements in brazilian butt lift is an accurate selection and placement of implants so that the buttocks after butt augmentation looks natural, and it was impossible to detect implants. Placement of implants deep under the muscle allows you to hide their presence, gives a volume and a beautiful new body contour.

Can men perform butt augmentation? Is this operation only for women?

In recent years, an increasing number of men are interested in improving the volume of the buttocks. This is largely due to the hereditary weak development of gluteus maximus in men. Men are more interested in the harmonious development of the body, which also applies to the form of their buttocks.

I was told that it is better not to do the gluteal augmentation because the implants will be displaced from its place over time. Is it true?

This problem is the result of improper surgical technique and the type of implant. The most common is bias of solid implants beneath the skin. Intra-muscular implant location allows you to “fix” the implant, which reduces the risk of their mobility and displacement.

If there is insufficient answers to you, below you will find a large number of questions and the responses to them.

Brazilian butt lift FAQ