Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

Each patient who thinks about plastic surgery for buttocks, faces a difficult choice of plastic surgery clinic. Of course, in addition to the experience and prestige of doctors, many are guided by the cost of the surgery. How to figure out what is the real cost of the operation and what are you paying for surgery in clinic?

In order to sort out the situation, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of the prices of plastic surgeries in the market. This will help you to calculate the average cost of the proposed operation.

In order to make the correct and informed decision, you need to have more information: for example, reviews of plastic surgeon and the prices set on buttocks operations, performed by him.

Opinions about plastic surgeons, you can get in person, or from friends, or via the Internet – after visiting the forums on the topic of discussion of the merits and drawbacks of doctors, such as

Any serious cosmetic surgery clinic establishes the approximate prices of different types of operations. Typically, the cost of similar surgeries in the near clinics ranges in the similar limits with a few changes.

At the initial consultation the plastic surgeon will present the prices for the desired buttock augmentation surgery. They are not final until all the details are specified.

To understand how adequately plastic surgery clinic sets the prices, it is necessary to compare not only with nearby medical centers, but also with a located in the far distance. So you can get a complete picture of the market of services in the field of plastic surgery on the buttocks.

Depending on your particular situation, the price of Brazilian butt lift may vary from $2,000 to $10,000

Based on the customer’s wishes, the plastic surgeon adds the prices set by his medical institution, and calls the full cost of services.

Currently, the most expensive operation is buttock augmentation with implants.

And the cheapest are the non-surgical procedure with tightening effect.

Do not forget to remind the plastic surgeon, that he said the price for operating anesthesia – whether it and and other drugs are included in the price of the procedure.

To understand the formation of the cost of plastic surgery is necessary to understand the mechanism of price formation.

The price of any plastic surgery on buttocks depends on:

  1. the nature and complexity of the buttock lift surgery;
  2. the cost of anesthesia;
  3. cost of materials and medicaments (!);
  4. surgeon fees;
  5. conditions of stay in the recovery room;
  6. the individual characteristics of the organism.

Brazilian butt lift price may include:

  • Medical tests;
  • Anesthesia fees;
  • Surgeon’s fee;
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs;
  • Post-surgery compression garments;
  • Prescriptions for medication;
  • Any drugs for your recovery.

The cost of buttock augmentation with implants is more expensive than fat grafting

The average price of brazilian butt lift according to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

  1. brazilian butt lift with fat transfer – $4,077 US dollars;
  2. buttocks implants surgery – $4,580 US dollars;
  3. buttock lift – $4,509 US dollars.

Do not forget that the base cost of the operation includes depreciation of medical equipment. More modern equipment in the clinic (And this is your safety!) – the higher the cost of the operation. Here you will find average brazilian butt lift prices that offer plastic surgeons around the world. Here are the prices mainly in the largest cities and states of the US, such as: cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Tampa, etc; States – Miami, California, New Jersey, etc.

Also, on the site there are butt lift price lists of plastic surgeons of the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, etc.

These prices were taken from the site from reviews of patients about a specific procedure. All prices are quoted in US dollars. The cost brazilian butt lift sorted by year, ranging from low to high price. Also calculated the average cost of the procedure in the presence of three or more the prices in year. Prices are approximate, because they referred by the patient and can be given as the cost only for butt augmentation or in combination with other cosmetic surgeries.

If surgeons prices are repeated several times, it means that the surgeon had such number of patients, which reported price data. The larger the number of prices at the surgeon – the more patients he operated on.

However, we do not urge to perform buttock augmentation in the cheapest surgeon. We also do not advertise surgeons. You must make your own choice – whom to entrust your health.

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