Brazilian Butt Lift Info

Buttock augmentation or gluteoplasty (from the Latin «gluteo» – «buttock») – an operation that allows you to adjust the volume and shape of the gluteal muscles.

This surgery is also called brazilian butt lift, buttock enlargement, bottom lift, bum lift, lift glutes, buttocks shots, buttocks enhancement, gluteal augmentation, buttox injections, buttock fat grafting, gluteal lift, fat transfer to buttocks, fat injections in the buttocks, brazilian lift etc.

This is an informational website dedicated to brazilian buttock lift. Here you can learn how to lift your buttocks by different techniques: non-invasive (through workout and exercises), or using brazilian threads, or by surgery with or without implants, by fat transfer (fat grafting), injections and other less popular methods.

We want to raise awareness among women about the surgery, to increase awareness of patients about the possibility to correct defects of appearance. In addition, on our site you can look at photos of the results of our previous surgeries. If you need personal advice, you can send private message to the doctor.

Beautiful buttocks not only harmonize the figure, making it feminine and attractive. Their regular shape allows you to easily pick up clothes in any style, and not to abandon from tight pants, and boldly go on the beach and swimming pool. Unfortunately, not every woman can boast by this part of the body: the majority is forced to hide a flat butts under her clothes and feel a lot of complexes.

Instead of torturing yourself for months in gyms, trying to achieve at least minimal results with the help of massage, you can also decide to have plastic surgery brazil buttock augmentation. For this purpose most often used method of gluteoplasty with silicone implants.

Indications for the use of this method of aesthetic surgery is a changing of contours and buttocks size due to injuries, disease or atrophic processes, their sagging in the aging process of the skin and muscle tissue (in people older than 45 years), as well as the innate features of the figure, due to which it looks disproportionate.


People have always had the desire to have a beautiful voluminous buttocks. Before came the ability to increase the gluteal muscles using surgical methods, women, and sometimes men, underlay special pads under clothing, used correction underwear with inserts and invent other ways to make their shape more expressive and attractive.

First, the experience of the brazilian butt lift performing was described by Bartels in 1969. He tried to increase the patient’s buttocks with the same implants, which are used for mammoplasty.

Soon, however, there was capsular contracture in women, so the procedure was considered unsuccessful. A year later, Mario Gonasalez-Ulloa proposed the use of almond-shaped implants, developed by him for buttocks enhancement.

Despite the fact that the method of installation was different from the method used Bartels, the result was as disappointing – implants strongly allocated under the skin, and later appeared capsular contracture in a patient.

In 1984, the Argentine surgeon Jose Robles, published a report on his way to perform surgery.

He suggested not to place implants under the skin, as previously done his colleagues, but between large and small gluteal muscles.

This variant of bottom lift was much more successful, complications occurred at times less after it, than after subcutaneous placement of implants. However, the complexity of the procedure has not allowed to obtain extensive practical application.

What you need for butt augmentation recovery

In the 1990s, the technique of Roblez has been improved. Now the surgeon places the implant into the muscular tissue or subfascial. Such methods placement of implants during gluteoplasty are used today worldwide.

Classification of buttocks lift

Silicone implants are used during surgery. They can be of two types:

  1. Round. Such implants are easy to install and allow to achieve a uniform increasing of the buttocks. However, in most cases, they look unnatural and is not suitable for every type of figure
  2. Anatomical (asymmetric). Such implants have elongated almond shape and provide maximum natural contours of of the buttocks. However, is more difficult to set anatomic implants than round, as they should be placed in the muscular pocket in a strictly defined position.

Buttock Implants includes Gel Silicone or Water Based Implants

Depending on the type of surface, implants for buttock augmentation can be of two types:

  1. Smooth. Such implants are cheaper to produce, so their installation is available in terms of price. However, unlike the textured, smooth implants not so strong, worse grow together with muscle tissue.
  2. Textured. These implants are more expensive, but are highly durable and well grow together with the tissues of the body, which reduces the risk of complications.

According to placement of the implants, there are following types of surgery:

Operation with placing of implants under the skin. This method of buttock augmentation is associated with a high risk of capsular contracture.

Since the implant is located directly under the skin, and tissue torn when installed, which connects the skin to the muscles, buttocks after surgery look unnatural. To date, buttock implants with subcutaneous is not used.

Operation with the placement of the implant between the large and small gluteal muscles. With this method of implants installation a risk of complications is much lower than for the subcutaneous, and the results are much more natural. But performing of surgery is associated with serious problems. Gluteus maximus at the bottom may have a thickness of 8 cm, therefore it is difficult to place the implant under it

Operation with implant placement into the muscle. This is the most common method of buttock augmentation. The results of the surgery is almost the same as during the installation of the implant under the muscle, and the surgical intervention is less difficult, and patient recovery is faster.

The only difficulty with which the physician may encounter with such gluteoplasty – the definition of the optimum depth of the implant location

Operation with implant placement under the superficial fascia of the gluteus maximus. In this way, installed only implants with a textured surface. This technique is used in the case, when due to muscle atrophy or injury is not possible to arrange them inside the implant or below

Planning of brazilian buttlift surgery

Before the fat transfer to buttocks, you need to visit the consultation of the doctor, who will perform the operation. Specialist examines the patient, telling him about the specifics of surgical buttock augmentation and possible complications, and finds out what a person wants to get result from treatment in the clinic of aesthetic medicine.

Taking into account the features of the figure and the patient’s preferences, surgeon chooses the form, size and manufacturing company of implants. Using computer modeling programs surgeon shows patient, how figure will look like after surgery. If after talking with a doctor the person still wants to increase the buttocks surgically, it is assigned a medical examination and makes recommendations on preparation for plastic.

Preparation for surgery

In order to exclude the presence of contraindications in the patient for holding plastic, it is assigned series of tests. These list includes biochemical and clinical blood tests, blood tests for clotting, the Rh factor and the group, the main diseases (hepatitis C and B, HIV, syphilis), urinalysis. The patient must also go through consultation with a general practitioner, an anesthetist, and doctors a different profile at presence any chronic disease.

Buttock augmentation, like any other surgery, is a lot of stress to the body. Therefore, you must have a good rest by preparation for it, increase the duration of daily sleep up to 7 – 8 hours, adjust diet so that all the necessary trace elements and vitamins must present in it.

To eliminate the possibility of severe bleeding during the operation, it is necessary to refuse from taking blood-thinning medications (especially aspirin), eliminate the use of alcohol and tobacco.

After gluteal augmentation, you should wear a special compression underwear. It is better to choose in advance. And not to be mistaken with the size, you need to consult on this issue with your doctor.

The day before surgery, the patient should thoroughly wash your hair and body. Within 8 hours before buttocks enhancement it is necessary to refuse from food, and within 4 hours before – from the liquid.


Since the brazilian butt lift in most cases involves forming a cavity for insertion of the implant inside the muscle, it is performed under general anesthesia to avoid severe pain in a patient. In addition, anesthetic and hemostatic agent can be administered directly to the area of surgery.

Conducting plastic surgery for buttocks

After the introduction of the patient into a state of anesthesia doctor puts special markings on the operated area, which allows him to properly perform surgical approaches and to place the implant inside the muscle tissue. After that, the surgical field is disinfected and closed by a special sterile linen.

The incisions for implants are performed through a natural crease at the bottom of the buttocks, their length does not exceed 7 – 8 centimeters. After removal of sutures and complete healing, the scars become white and are virtually invisible.

The next step in the operation – is the formation of surgical pocket into which the implant will be placed. To do this, the surgeon separates the muscle from along section line the rounded flap of skin and subcutaneous fat with a diameter of about 8 square centimeters. Muscle tissue is cut to the desired depth, then, using a special tool, its fibers are moved apart to create a cavity for the implant.

Then, stop of blood is carried out, and the implant is placed into the surgical pocket.The doctor remains to set drainage into the cavity and sew all the cuts. At the end of the operation the surgical site is closed with a sterile bandage on the patient wear a special compression underwear. The total duration of buttock augmentation – 1 to 2 hours.

The postoperative period

After completing the operation the patient should be in a hospital 1 – 2 days. In the first hours, and sometimes in days after the operation can be observed rather intense pain in the buttocks, especially when moving your feet. To eliminate them, painkillers administered to a patient. Also the correct position in bed helps to reduce pain. The patient should lie on his stomach or side, and on the back with padded pillows under the hips and lower back. Pain, as well as numbness and swelling of the legs may persist for several weeks.

Drainage is removed after about 2 days after surgery. There are commonly used bioresorbable thread during surgery, so you do not need remove the stitches. Already after 3 – 5 days to the patient is allowed to wash in the shower after 7 – 8 days – to drive a car, after 1 month – sports and sunbathing.

However, it is better to refuse from the bicycle, horse riding and other activities that involve a serious strain on the buttocks for at least two months. You need to wear compression underwear – tight-fitting shorts, at least 3 – 4 weeks after the operation.

You can not take it off for a long time, even during sleep. Full restoration of the patient’s health usually occurs within 1 – 2 weeks after gluteoplasty. Rate the final results of plastic surgery is possible after about 6 months from the date of its performing.

Significance of buttock surgery

Brazilian butt lift always gives exactly the result that the patient expects. In this its main advantage over the sport, because running and sit-ups can “pump up” hips and to increase buttocks in size, but do not give them the desired roundness. Moreover, the effect of the surgery is an instant – on the first day after its performing, you can evaluate your new figure.

Buttock augmentation allows not only to get rid of complexes, but also to expand your wardrobe. After it you can wear tight dresses and pants, flaunt with short shorts and a bikini enjoying the approving glances of others. At the same time, you can forget about inconvenient corrective underwear, when you have to fear that a spicy secret will be made public.

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