Brazilian butt lift scars

One of the most unpleasant consequences of any plastic surgery on buttocks – scarring. The formation of postoperative scars inevitably, and it is caused by an obligatory stage of any plastic surgery on bum – the imposition of a surgical suture.

While in most cases, brazilian butt lift scars are not any serious problems and can be hidden in the natural folds of the skin, while remaining virtually invisible, then sometimes is impossible to “hide” scars in such a way.

Fortunately, there are many methods of scar correction, that are formed after gluteal augmentation, that allows you to make these formations as negligible as possible.

What is a butt augmentation scar?

Buttock augmentation scars are inevitably formed, no matter how carefully complied with the rules of recovery period – it is caused by the natural process of healing of the skin and soft tissues in place of overlay of surgical suture on the cut.

In fact, the scar is sprawling connective tissue, that is dense, towering above the skin. The process of buttock implants scar formation in the location of seam is quite lengthy and can take up to one and a half months.

Finally formed scars after plastic surgery on buttocks look like dense and thin formation of a pinkish or pale color (normotrophic scar) barely prominent above the skin.

Such scars are practically invisible on the skin and does not constitute a serious problem, not cause any damage to the appearance.

Scar after bum lift

The really serious problem is other postoperative scarring, the formation of which is disturbed in any way. For example, there are the so-called atrophic scars – that is sunken scars that look like cavity in the skin of irregular shapes.

When excessive proliferation of connective tissue, hypertrophic scars are formed, which, on the contrary, raised above the skin. Finally, the substantial damage to the appearance applied by pathological, keloids, formed in the process of active growths coarse, dense connective tissue while preserving the blood vessels in it.

As a result of such violation of brazilian butt lift scar formation, appears an ugly bulging scar of irregular shape of bright red or pink. Especially for the correction of such scars, primarily designed numerous methods of removing scars – from chemical peels and dermabrasion to laser correction.

butt implant scar

Defects caused by the brazilian butt lift, eventually is filled by connective tissue (scar). Process is irreversible, but there are ways to improve the appearance of the annoying flaw of appearance. This means that treatment of brazilian butt lift scars is possible.

There are various tools and techniques to make sure that the scars practically merge in color and texture with the surrounding skin. Surgeries will long resemble about itself with scars on the body, if you let things slide the healing process.

Before and after buttock augmentation scars

Buttocks augmentation scars do not decorate the person, many people are willing get rid of them, to return the skin an attractive appearance. For the beginning you should be understood that the area of the connective tissue on a place the incision is formed for a long time.

Patch of skin is deprived of sebaceous and sweat glands, hair follicles. All this time the therapeutic agents can be used to minimize cosmetic damage.

Gradually, in the seam area arise one of the main types of scars (normotrophic, atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid). Each scar requires an individual approach, but there are some general rules of treatment. One of the most important – to prevent chronic inflammation and complications. If surgeons did not use absorbable suture material, there may be a post-operative scar granuloma (the body’s reaction to foreign particles in the skin).

Photo of scar after plastic surgery on buttocks

Micro-organisms (when non-compliance with aseptic technique), starch or talc, used for surgical gloves, often fall into the surgical wound. Granuloma impairs the function of tissues and organs; large concentrations of such formations compress blood vessels and nerves. Fibroblasts are formed around, scarring occurs.

Usually scar treatment is carried out in a health facility and consists in excision of the connective tissue with granulomas. If suture material is the cause of inflammation – the surgeon removes all the remaining fragments.

Contractubex for brazil buttock lift scars

In the treatment of scars after butt augmentation are used means that prevent proliferation of connective tissue. Silicone gels and creams without polyorganosiloxanes promote to natural resorption of scarring after butt surgery.

Creams “Contractubex” and “KELOFIBRASE Sandoz Creme” well established among the creams. As rightly noticed consumers, these drugs are best used when small scars.

Silicone creams and gels used in the scheme of treatment after the removal of post-surgical scars, for the prevention of keloids and other scars resorption.

Recovery after brazilian buttock lift contributes to proper healing of scar

Polyorganosiloxane creates a thin, almost invisible membrane that protects the cut surface from moisture loss and mechanical impact. Additionally, itching and other discomfort are eliminated.

Depending on the type of brazilian butt lift, is changing the size and location of the scar.

Fat transfer to buttocks is done through skin punctures. Scars are not left. Also, there is no scars when the butt thread lift (filament lifting)

Plastic surgery for lifting the buttocks and thighs is carried out by means of incisions on the groin and gluteal fold.

There are no scars after buttock fat grafting

Usually after such surgery, long scars remain in the patient, however, these cuts are made so that scars were less noticeable postoperatively. In addition, the tightening of the skin of the buttocks and thighs can be carried out with the help of the cuts in the lumbar region and buttocks.

Through incisions, excess skin is removed and applied intradermal cosmetic seam, which is hidden under clothes. But this method is used much less frequently.

Operation through the incision in the groin can improve a shape of the upper thigh, the removal of excess skin around the thigh requires vertical cut on the inner surface of the femur and this can lead to more visible scar.

Scar before and after brazilian butt lift with implants

The patient must necessarily be aware of the nuances of such operations to have an idea of the aesthetic possibilities of such an operation.

When plastic surgery of thighs and buttocks, the incisions are usually carried out in the natural folds (groin, breech), which minimizes the signs of surgical intervention.

Rarely, when lifting the outer parts of the thighs and buttocks lift, incisions are carried out in the lumbar region and buttocks, scarring after surgery “hide” under the swimming trunks. Sometimes, when lifting the inner thighs, it is necessary to add a vertical section on the inner thigh.

Usually, buttock implants scars are almost invisible. They are located in the crease between the buttocks, or over them.

Buttox implants before and after scar photos

Brazilian butt lift scars finally ripen within 4 – 7 months, and sometimes up to 1 year. At first they are bright red or pink, dense, but gradually soften and brighten.

However, since gluteal region is experiencing constant load, the scars are not very thin (a width of “thread”). Immediately after surgery, their width is 1 mm, but in the process of maturation they are stretched and their width may be 2 – 3 mm. The main advantage is its location – scars after surgical braces hidden even in the most candid underwear.

The scar after buttock augmentation by implants is small, and it is almost invisible between the gluteal cleft. Depending on the size of the implant, the scar will be 6-8 cm long.

Brazil butt lift scar is invisible when the operation is done by a qualified surgeon

So the scar after buttock augmentation using implants will be much smaller and less noticeable than after most other plastic surgeries. For example, scarring after a tummy tuck and breast lift, as well as after reduction or breast augmentation, will be much more noticeable.

During the operation, is made only one incision (less than 5 cm) between the gluteal fold. After a complete recovery the scar is almost invisible. A scar from a surgical intervention can be treated with special creams. After 6-8 months, the scar will be completely invisible.

Indications for surgical treatment

Plastic surgery bum is performed with the atrophy of adipose tissue, muscles, of the buttocks deformation (due to injuries suffered by disease), ptosis of the buttocks or small volume (particularly with the the constitutional structure of the human body).

Buttock enlargement with help of butt implants

Surgery may be performed to persons of any age, both women and men. Buttock enlargement may also be performed as a stage or as part of reconstructive surgery when defects of the buttocks tissue.

The goals of treatment

What can give the operation:

  • improve the shape and contour of the buttocks;
  • increase the volume of the buttocks;
  • elimination of asymmetry in unilateral atrophy, or traumatic injury of the buttocks.

Preparation for surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift Bruising Photo

a) The patient should be in good health (no colds or other diseases during this period).
b) You must be examined (blood tests, urine tests, glucose, ECG, chest X-rays of the chest, the conclusion of the gynecologist), as well as the inspection of an anesthesiologist
c) If you smoke, you should stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to surgery and to refrain from smoking after it for at least 2-3 weeks. Otherwise, the risk of healing disorders increases sharply due to the fact that during smoking significantly reduced blood flow in the vessels of the skin.
d) If you are taking any medications, you should alert the physician on prior consultation.
e) During the 6 weeks prior to surgery to stop taking contraceptives.


Fat transfer buttocks scars

The bottom lift is performed under general anesthesia.


You will be moved to the clinic in operation day and will pass a short training for it. Surgery incisions and, consequently, postoperative bum lift scars may be located in different zones: in the hip area, under the gluteal fold, between the buttocks. The essence of the operation is in the formation of the cavity in the tissues of the buttocks (or under the subcutaneous fatty tissue, or intramuscular space) and placing the implant into the cavity.

Used implants are filled with silicone gel, with a smooth and a textured sheath of different size and shape. As a general rule, surgical wounds drained by special “tube”, these drains are removed within 1 – 2 days after surgery. Buttocks enhancement lasts an average of 1.5 – 3 hours (depending on complexity). After surgery, special underwear is put to reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

No Scars After Butt Thread Lift Photo

The postoperative period

Postoperative course has a number of features:

  1. after surgery, permanent scars remain on the skin; their quality can not be fully predicted before the operation, since the processes of forming scars are individual;
  2. perfect symmetry of postoperative scars can not be achieved, although this tendency is one of the objectives of the operation;
  3. sensitivity of the skin in operation zone usually decreases with subsequent slow improvement. In some cases, may remain small areas, where it is lost completely;
  4. edema and hemorrhage may persist for several weeks.
  5. the perfect symmetry of the buttocks, generally can not be achieved.

Scar After Buttock Implants

It is usually necessary be at the clinic after surgery from 3 to 7 days. Seams with postoperative wounds removed within 7-14 days.

Time when the patient starts to work, determined by its state of health. Typically, light housework is possible in 5-14 days, typically the recovery period is 4 weeks. It is necessary to avoid contact sports for 3 months. After surgery, you must wear special clothes (shorts or breeches) for 1.5 – 2 months with the purpose of soft tissue support

To increase the time the achieved effect, overweight women should observe the restrictive diet.

Possible complications

Healed Incision After Bum Implants

After surgery, may develop any general surgical complications (abscess of wound, bleeding, thrombosis, thromboembolism, formation of keloids, etc.), and the following complications specific to gluteal augmentation:

  1. In very rare cases, the blood supply of the skin flap along the edge may become insufficient after surgery, resulting in partial or complete necrosis; this complication may require additional surgery.
  2. post-operative scars are very large and sometimes remain visible for a long time.
  3. the accumulation of serous fluid under the soft tissue, if abruption performed (seroma formation), which requires additional treatment.