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Buttocks – is a zone of special attention, they are important components of the beauty of the female figure. To date, the only effective way to give an attractive rounded shape and elasticity of the flat or saggy buttocks, is the installation of butt implants. It is no coincidence that according to statistics, surgery is the most popular in Brazil, because there is the beach season is almost year-round.

Depending on the desired result, the following methods are used to correct the buttocks shape:

To increase the buttocks, used method of buttock augmentation with implants. Implants are inserted under the gluteal muscles, which allows you to create the perfect aesthetic effect of toned and youthful shape of the buttocks. This technique can correct not only “flat bum”, but also to raise it, improve the shape. For gluteal augmentation surgeons use silicone implants of leading manufacturers: Eurosilicone (France), Silimed (Germany). The fact that the density of the silicone of these manufacturers, corresponds to the density of gluteal region.

Surgical access – incision of 3 to 5 cm in the gluteal crease, allowing you to make the seam invisible. The bottom lift is performed under general anesthesia.

After buttock enlargement you need to wear a compression garment and limit yourself in the position of “sitting” for 2 weeks.

Reducing of the buttocks is indicated in patients with an increased layer of subcutaneous fat in the gluteal region. With ultrasonic liposuction on Zoring apparatus (Germany) can not only reduce the volume but also to simulate the form of a neat buttocks. The operation is performed under general anesthesia through small punctures.

The amount and frequency of side effects during brazilian butt lift is the same as for other plastic surgery. We collected a few reviews about butt augmentation, which will help you decide whether to perform this surgery. Here are some reviews of patients:

Carol’s review, 28 years old:
«My skinny ass is always depressing me. There was no pomp, but even bone palpable. A year ago, I read about the new direction of plastic surgery, I looked before and after photos. As a result, after the accumulation of money, I decided to install implants. Brazilian bitt lift was held under anesthesia, there was no pain. After recovering, when the swelling gone, I was able to truly appreciate the result of the work of the surgeon: the buttocks have become rounded, while maintaining a natural softness. Seams invisible, I go to the beach and swimming pools without any constraint»

Jennifer’s review, 33 years old:
«After birth, my figure has deteriorated: excess weight appeared, buttocks sagged. With exercise, I lost some weight, but to solve the second problem I was advised to conduct butt augmentation and bum lift. I’ve heard comments that the recovery is painful, but I undergo this period without complications, performed all the recommendations. But in general, I am dissatisfied: buttocks retained their laxity and vagueness»

Sandra’s review, 30 years old:
«I am a fitness trainer and I know that some things can not be corrected with exercise. For example, I simply did not have the buttocks: plastic surgery on the buttocks gave them to me. The doctor has advised to abandon the Lipofilling, because fat is able to migrate to any place where arises a cavity. Butt implants – the best method of increasing the buttocks. The recovery period is short: after 5 weeks I was resting at the seaside. I am pleased with the new figure, clothing now sits perfectly»

Laura’s review, 31 years old:
«I decided on the buttocks augmentation, because my personal life was falling apart: we all know that most men “loved through the eyes”. I do not really liked the photos of patients after buttock enhancement, but the experienced surgeon installed the implants in such a way that they look very natural. Of course, the ass was too hard at first, but then became softer. The form is almost perfect: no gaps between the buttocks and thighs, the slope has increased, disappeared ugly crease on the bottom»

Kimberly’s review, 39 years old:
«I did the surgery itself after the second birth, as the buttocks have disappeared completely, and even skin sagged. It is not comfortable go to the gym, when you have two children, but I want look good always. That’s why I decided on surgery. Brazilian buttock augmentation had gone well, woke up already in the room, it quickly healed, and even on the back could sleep after 4 weeks. But the result is not pleasant, since the buttocks became really very big and is still friable»

Brenda’s review, 25 years old:
«And I did well for itself. However, I picked up the volume for a long time. I was advised by several doctors. While the swelling persisted, it was not very good, and then, when all healed and the swelling was gone, became exactly as I wanted.

And by the way, the post-operative period was very easy for me, after 3 weeks I traveled by car, and easily have slept on my side»

Angela’s review, 28 years old:
«Not long ago, I made lipofilling. After six months, only stayed half of the volume. But at first, of course, you can’t not watch. Now I collect money on butt implants, order to my result remained constantly with me»

Dorothy’s review, 26 years old:
«I’ve done surgery two years ago and has never regretted his decision! After a recovery period, I could afford a bikini on the beach, tight dresses and shorts. Until now, I had no complaints about the quality of the operation and implants. Thanks to surgeons!»

Karen’s review, 29 years old:
«I had very little buttocks. I could not wear pretty dresses and skinny jeans. With the rest of the shape there was not problem at all. On the beach I do not sunbathe because i am very shy. A friend advised me to contact the clinic of plastic surgery. At first I hesitated, but then decided. Doctors were masters of their craft. Now I am the owner of a luxurious bum!»

Amanda’s review, 30 years old:
«After a serious accident, I had multiple sutures and injuries. In the clinic of plastic surgery, I first got rid of the scars on the face, arms and neck. And then the doctors advised to do the brazilian buttlift surgery, since the right buttock was badly damaged after the injury. I really wanted to lead a normal life, because the last three years I was a a hostage of my looks. Of course I agreed. Many read about the buttocks enlargement, but the result exceeded all my expectations!»