Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift, also called buttocks (gluteal) augmentation (enlargement, enhancement), bum (bottom) lift, fat transfer (injections) to buttocks, buttocks shots (injections, fat grafting), lift glutes, gluteoplasty – it’s plastic surgery, which aims to eliminate a number of cosmetic imperfections of the skin in the buttocks, and returning their attractive shape.

Gluteoplasty is a complex of surgeries designed to change the shape and volume of the buttocks. Plastic surgery for buttocks uses silicone implants or lipofilling in the case of insufficient volume. Such surgery are shown to people who want to improve the shape of the buttocks, as well as to raise their upper part.

This operation is suitable in the case of flat buttocks when sports and fitness are futile. Sagging buttocks is also a medical reason for butt lift. Such conditions often occur after a significant weight loss when a significant excess skin with sagging of soft tissues are formed. Lifting of the buttocks can be carried out as a separate operation, or in combination with thigh lift or body lift. Gluteoplasty is a form of corrective operations in the modern aesthetic surgery. This surgery, according to its title, is aimed at changing the shape and / or size of the buttocks.

Many of the fair sex know firsthand about such a problem as sagging muscles in different parts of the body. Unfortunately, the buttocks – not the exception, and thus, surgery is often the only option. Today, many people can afford buttocks augmentation, especially considering the prices in US hospitals. Also, this surgery has good reviews among both surgeons and among patients.

As you know, with age, as a result of multiple enlargements and weight loss, as well as for other reasons, all human tissue gradually loses its firmness and elasticity, while the fat deposits on the contrary, increase.

At the same time, whatever the exercises, and no matter what the price, surgery is necessary in most cases. Today there are several varieties of brazil butt lift. First, a traditional method of surgery – surgical intervention or lift (lifting). Small incisions are made in the relevant sections of the buttocks, excess sagging skin is excised, and then sutured. Thereby muscles tightened in a natural way.

Secondly, there is a much less invasive procedure, which can hardly be called an operation, unless taking the cost into account. This is known as mesotherapy (or filamentlifting), involves the introduction of threads into human tissue. The final price depends on the number of these filaments, as most of the price is the cost of threads. The effectiveness of this type of brazilian buttlift surgery is confirmed by positive feedbacks.

Third, brazillian bum lift can be with implants. Typically, silicone is used as an implant. Also this can be own adipose tissue. In the second case, a the surgery called lipofilling. This operation allows you to simultaneously remove excess body fat, and improve the shape or size of the buttocks.

In comparison with silicon, the own material is more secure. Surgery is carried out in such a way, that the so-called pocket is made between the muscles and other structures.

The implant is placed in this pocket (silicone or own fat), and it remains in this pocket, giving the desired shape and size of your buttocks. Please note that the price of surgery does not include the cost of the implant, i.e. materials and surgery fees are not included.

Indications for Brazilian lifting of the buttocks

The need to lift of the buttocks may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Age-related changes of the skin in the buttocks (deformation of the shape and contour, flabbiness, sagging skin, etc.).
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Personal aesthetic wishes of the form and volume of the buttocks.
  • Excessive and stretched the skin on the buttocks.
  • The asymmetry of the gluteal region (usually manifested in the uneven distribution of body fat).
  • Atrophy (sharp decrease in weight) of muscle and fat tissue in the area (due to the structural features or past diseases).
  • Deformation (Usually after some trauma or pathologies – e.g., following postinjection abscess).
  • Lost firmness and elasticity of the skin and muscles in the buttocks.
  • Modified form as a result of multiple changes in weight, age, disease, etc., when the buttock lift is performed to improve the appearance.
  • Too big, or conversely, too small buttocks, bringing discomfort.
  • Very rarely resorted to surgery after injuries.
  • Congenital defects of the muscles of the buttocks.
  • The irregular shape of the buttocks. In this case, the patient has their own idea of beauty and shape of the buttocks.
  • The reason for the change of sex. With surgery, the former man can gain a rounded female form of the buttocks.

Contraindications for lifting of the buttocks

Basically, this procedure has contraindications as general surgery – diabetes and other chronic diseases, purulent inflammation, pregnancy and lactation. The decision to conduct surgery is taken only after consulting a doctor. Among the contraindications to brazil butt lift includes:

  • Severe diseases of internal organs (heart, liver, kidney, respiratory system).
  • Decompensated form of diabetes and other endocrine problems.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • A bleeding disorder.
  • Diabetes.
  • Overweight.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Furunculosis any other pyoderma of gluteal region.
  • Serious allergic disease.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Allergy to anesthetic agents used for
  • Obesity of endocrine nature.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Menstruation (a relative contraindication, usually the operation is delayed for several days, since increased bleeding tissue).
  • SARS, or exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • disease of the internal organs in violation of their functions.
  • skin disease or inflammation in the area of the buttocks.
  • there is a bruise or injury to the buttocks area as a consequence of an accident or a fall.

Lab tests before surgery

You need to be tested before the surgery. Test time is 1-3 days.

What tests are done before brazilian butt lift?

  1. general analysis of blood and urine;
  2. a blood test for prothrombin
  3. urinalysis Test
  4. blood biochemistry (glucose, urea, AST, ALT, bilirubin);
  5. blood type, Rh factor, hepatitis B and C and HIV;
  6. a coagulogram on blood coagulation;
  7. EKG and chest x-ray.

The techniques of surgical lift of the buttocks

Buttocks lifting surgery performed under general anesthesia. And combined with the tightening of the external surface of the thighs. Duration of operation averages 2-4 hours and depends on the volume of surgical intervention and the need of liposuction.

Stages of surgery
Before starting the procedure the surgeon marks the area of correction. In the upper part of buttocks is removed area of the skin from the back to the front of the thigh. The maximum height of the fat removal reaches at the sides, and the minimum – on the coccyx.

The lower part of of buttocks is tightened up, and the excess skin is removed. Stitches are put. Folds of skin beneath the buttocks disappear, their shape is changed, they are lifted and become rounded and elastic again.

Less common is the tightening of buttocks with an oblique arrangement of the scar on the buttock or on the gluteal-femoral sulcus. Sometimes buttocks lift can be part of a larger body lift, which includes a plastic of hips and abdomen.

How to prepare for brazilian buttock augmentation

  1. 14 days before the surgery you need to stop taking any drugs that reduce blood clotting ability, alcohol;
  2. not recommended to perform surgery after active insolation or a strict diet, as it can slow recovery after surgery;
  3. you should stop eating for 8 hours before surgery;
  4. ou can use sedatives and sleeping pills the night before surgery;
  5. you need to ask someone to relatives or friends that they accompany you home after surgery and were with you in 2-3 days.

After brazilian butt lift
A finding in hospital after surgery lasts for night. Sometimes it is extended to three days depending on the extent of the surgery. After surgery remains a small thin scar, which is usually located in the area covered by underwear.

The healing of the scar in the correction zone is slower than with other surgical interventions. Use of absorbable sutures does not require removal of sutures. The swelling subside within three to four weeks.

The final result of lifting of the buttocks becomes noticeable after about two months. The desired effect after bbl is saved from 5 to 10 years in the absence of significant weight gain or pregnancy.

Rules of personal hygiene after lifting the buttocks
A day or two after surgery, the patient can sit. If the seams are on the buttocks then you can sit after two weeks. After 3-4 days you can take a shower. If you do not carry out liposuction, as a rule, there is no need to wear a compression garment.

Recommendations and restrictions in the postoperative period after buttock implants surgery
Full recovery after the surgery comes only after 4-6 months. All this time can be kept swelling, pain and numbness at the site of implant installation. There are some guidelines that can alleviate the patient’s condition after the buttock lift surgery and speed healing:

  1. the first day, sometimes a few days after the surgery, is better to spend in the hospital, under the supervision of medical staff;
  2. you can not take a shower for 2-3 days after the surgery;
  3. you can only be in a prone position for 5-7 days;
  4. you can not visit a solarium and sauna for 4-6 weeks after the surgery;
  5. within a month are forbidden any physical activity;
  6. within 2-3 months are required to wear a compression garment;
  7. limiting alcohol intake and smoking;
  8. within a few weeks after the surgery is recommended as little time as possible spend in a seated position, that implants taken optimal shape;
  9. postoperative scars can be smeared with creams and ointments, that recommended by doctors, when expressed pain you can take painkillers;
  10. prohibited intramuscular injections in the buttocks for lifetime, you can do only in the thigh.

Complications after butt lift

The most common complication encountered after installation of implants in the buttocks, as this is the most traumatic type of brazilian butt lift because there is a foreign body in the body that can provoke the development of a variety of reactions from the immune system and connective tissue. There is also a risk of complications and side effects of anesthesia.

  • Gapping
  • Hematoma
  • Bruises
  • Swelling
  • The inflammatory process in the wound
  • Reduced skin sensitivity

From the surgical wound may be festering with dehiscence of postoperative wound , delayed healing, healing with the formation of keloids.

The implant can become infected that will demand its removal, to shift, to cause pain when moving and putting pressure on him, to deform, to provoke excessive formation of connective tissue with the formation of a dense capsule or mounds. Also, the implant may be visible, if it is too large.

Buttocks may freeze, get sick for a long time after the surgery. There may be muscle atrophy gluteal region. The appearance of these complications may be associated with damage to the blood vessels and nerves, which are a large number in the gluteal region.

If the damage of the sciatic nerve during surgery, gait may be impaired. Violation may be temporary, or can remain for a lifetime.

Lift the buttocks using lipofilling

This kind of lift the buttocks, carried out on the basis of its own fat cells grafting practically without surgical intervention. This procedure is also called buttock augmentation with fat grafting, fat transfer (injections) to buttocks. Technology of operation is as follows: fat tissue removed in certain parts of the body, which after purification are entered in the upper area of the buttocks.

As a result the sagging skin in the bottom of the buttocks is tensioned. Buttocks are becoming visually more voluminous fit and convex. The procedure is performed more often under local anesthesia, takes about an hour and gives a lasting positive effect. Full recovery of the patient comes approximately a week after the procedure.

Butt Thread Lift

Butt Thread Lift (lift buttocks by filaments, Brazilian buttock thread lift) – is a special technique of lifting the buttocks, which is carried out by means of special threads (often referred to as Brazilian) without visible incisions and scars. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia for 30-40 minutes. Almost no contraindications to this type of buttocks lift. With the help of special tools, special threads are entered in the sagging soft tissues in the lower part of the buttocks, fixed firmly, and then is stretched. The tension controlled by patient itself together with the doctor. Tension of threads immediately gives the effect of skin tightening through the redistribution of the soft tissues. The recovery period after the procedure is minimal. Immediately after treatment, the patient can leave the clinic, and within a few days return to normal rhythm. Traces of puncture of the skin after the procedure is almost imperceptible. After a certain time (up to two years) thread resolves independently, tightening effect is maintained for a period from 3 to 10 years, depending on the patient’s lifestyle..