Male buttock enhancement

Nobody is surprised to men in plastic surgery clinics. The fashion on the well-groomed appearance has long gone beyond the women’s privilege. Brazilian butt lift for men is gaining momentum.

The New York Times has published interesting information: it turns out that brazilian butt lift (butt augmentation) is becoming more popular among males.

In 2015, we had 6.2% male buttocks enhancements of the total amount, while this number was only 2.2% in 1997 year.

Male brazilian butt lift is carried out in two ways. First – installation of special implants beneath the fascia gluteus or under the gluteus maximus muscle.

The second – the transplantation of the patient’s own fat cells. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons men often prefer the second method by combining liposuction in the waist with a transfer of fat cells in the buttocks area.

The reasons why men perform surgery can be very different. Chief among them is the attractiveness for the fair sex. It is no secret that when women evaluate appearance, often look at the outline of the “fifth point”.

It is not known what causes this preference, but it is a fact. The second reason for the popularity – is quite a natural desire to have a good sitting trousers, not hanging back.

For the same reasons is growing popularity of special underwear in America, which is visually lifts the buttocks. According to Matthew Butlein, president of Freshpair Freshpair, which specializes in producing of shapewear, even 5 years ago, male buyers accounted for only 1%, now this figure has risen to 6%.

Cosmetic Surgery For Buttocks is one of the most popular cosmetic male procedures in our practice

Perhaps this trend is explained by trends of contemporary fashion – skinny pants in men again in the trend.

With age, or due to significant weight loss, men’s buttocks lose their attractive shape. The loss of elasticity, sagging tissue, excess body fat – are the main reasons that lead to undesirable consequences and adversely affect on the shape.

Plastic surgery offers a solution to the problem. Today, there are a number of techniques that allow to restore the beauty and firmness of the buttocks.

The reasons why men turn to plastic surgery clinic:

  1. Considerable excess of skin tissue at the bottom of the buttocks;
  2. Pronounced fatty deposits;
  3. The loss of elasticity;
  4. Dissatisfaction of men in their appearance buttocks.

Plastic Surgery Brazilian Lift is performed by only a select number of board certified plastic surgeons who have experience in buttock or gluteal shaping

Brazilian butt lift should be distinguished from gluteoplasty – buttock augmentation using implants. And although the lift can also be accompanied by the installation of implants, its main goal is not to make more voluminous buttocks, and to give them an aesthetic, beautiful shape.

The main types of male buttocks lift

There are three ways to eliminate sagging skin and give attractive form the male figure:

Butt thread lift
Minimally Invasive technology of butt lift using special threads is similar threads for face-lift. The advantages of the procedure include a pronounced lifting effect, no postoperative scars and shorter recovery time. The disadvantages – a short period of time of result. A few years later the result becomes less noticeable and is required revision butt lift.

Brazil buttlift if you have a flat or poorly developed butt

Surgical excision of excess skin
During the procedure, except the removal of excess skin, possible to conduct liposuction and placement of implants.

The advantage of the technique is stable, almost a lifetime effect (at a stable weight). Cons – long recovery period and the availability of post-surgical scars.

Transplantation of patient’s own fat in the buttocks area. This results in a partial increase of the volume and tightening of the skin tissue. The technique is a great complement to the surgical method of lift and butt thread lift.

Cons include weak expressiveness of result when used as a single method, as well as the impossibility of carrying out with a lack of body fat.

Male buttock implants If You want to enhance your self-image and self-confidence

The plastic surgeon will help you choose the optimal procedure by value, duration, and expressiveness the effect during the consultation.

The exercises do not help, and you want a beautiful shape of the buttocks? Learn more about male buttock augmentation.

Get free advice, register your medical records and get answers to your questions.

You already know why the men needed taut buttocks. Below are the reasons why you need to choose the best plastic surgeon

Reason №1. An experience. Male brazilian buttock augmentation can be entrusted only to a skilled surgeon. Therefore, such operations do experts with experience at least 10 years. Each of them has a tried and tested technique for years, responsible attitude to work and a desire to improve its level.

Plus experience of the work not only in the best clinics in the US, but in Europe, Canada and Australia. Even if you have been refused by other surgeons, you are not satisfied with the result, is needed modifications, or you have a complicated situation – we will try to help you.

Reason №2. Honesty. Male buttocks enhancement is popular among our men, and surgeons are fully loaded with work. However, the doctor finds the time to explain, answer questions about the operation and recovery after plastic surgery on bum. If brazilian butt lift for men not suit you, there is a risk to worsen the situation or prevent contraindications, we honestly talk about it.

Indications for male buttocks augmentation:

  • Your butt is too flat and lost their shape;
  • Your buttocks sagged and become less relief, and resilient;
  • In the buttocks area has defects due to injuries, abscesses, or atrophied muscles.

Who should not have gluteal augmentation?

Although the safety and effectiveness of the operation, there are contraindications. They are:

  • Any illness, even the common cold in surgery day
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with blood clotting

How to give the desired shape buttocks – male buttock implants by the rules

During the operation, under the gluteal muscles the surgeon places the implants from silicone elastomer. They are able to withstand heavy loads.

Butt implants are selected taking into account your original forms and suggestions for improvement.

The cost of surgery for men: from $ 5,000 US dollars.

The price of services includes:

  1. The first medical consultation
  2. General health check
  3. Procedure
  4. Full anesthesia
  5. Nurses services
  6. The basic postoperative medications
  7. Hospital for 2-3 days

If you need escort during your stay in the clinic – accommodation, transfer from airport to hotel and back, translation services – it is an additional cost.

The duration of surgery is 1-2 hours, anesthesia – general. After surgery, you get detailed personal instruction for recovery the house. Be sure to wear a compression garment. To return to the familiar life, you need about 1 month. The scars disappear within 4-8 months.

To help you get what you want, is needed coordinated work and careful preparation. Therefore, at the initial consultation the doctor discusses with you the form, size and shape of the implant, making computer simulations. As well as inform on the progress of surgery, the surgical incision and other details.

Remember – the medicine is not omnipotent. It depends on you, what will be your buttocks after surgery. Try to understand the opinion of the doctor who recommends the most suitable option for you, even if you initially counted on the other.

Doctors guarantee safety. Before the operation, you pass the full examination, in order to avoid risks during anesthesia and surgery. The doctor treats the skin carefully and gently, using minimally traumatic access, bioresorbable suture and cosmetic seams. In order to your recovery was quick and without complications.

We care about the comfort. To help you concentrate on the essentials – recovery – we take the escort. This means that you do not need to worry about accommodation, transfers from airport to hotel and back, the translator for communication with doctors. These services are paid separately. If you have a good level of medical English, you are targeting without problems in an unfamiliar city – we pick you doctor. The rest – your choice. Our goal – your results, not the extra costs on medical tourism.

We care about our customers after their return home. Therefore, if there is a need, you can contact the doctor through our coordinator and receive answers to your questions. Focus on your desire to improve the shape and state of health. The rest we will do.

See below the before and after pictures of brazilian butt lift for men:

How long does it take to get back to normal life after the buttock enlargement?

10-11 days passed from the initial consultation to the removal of sutures. Before the flight your doctor examines you and gives advice on recovery. During the first 14 days after surgery, try not to sit down, and for 1 month, avoid physical exertion and wearing a compression garment. You will see the result when the swelling reduced. The scars will be invisible after 4-8 months.

The stitches will be removed, discomfort and swelling quickly pass, and buttocks tightened remain. As long as you spend time on the doubts, you could look and feel better.

If you have any questions about brazilian butt lift for men, get free consultation, register your medical record and describe your case. You will receive answers to the questions from the most qualified surgeon in your situation. For you is the ability to make an informed decision.