Belly fat transfer to buttocks surgery

Belly fat transfer to buttocks is a relatively new technique for correction of appearance by injecting its own lipid tissue.

Tummy fat transfer to buttocks is recommended after 25 years. Fat injections can improve the shape by increasing the volume and lifting the top.

This surgery is necessary, for example, if the patient has broken symmetry or sports do not have the desired effect. Also, a technique is a good alternative to buttox implants.

Stomach fat transfer to buttocks – is the method of correcting the shape of the buttocks. It helps to remove cellulite crust, increase elasticity and tighten the buttocks. After the procedure, the skin becomes well-groomed and attractive, improved metabolism and normalized blood circulation.

The specifics of the procedure

The patient it goes through premedical examination, by results of which the plastic surgeon will be able to decide whether surgery is needed. Before surgery, the surgeon necessarily analyze the proportions of the skeleton (long legs and soft tissues of the buttocks).

The immediate surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. However, at the request of the patient, you can choose general anesthesia. Some European plastic surgeons prefer to make a transfer of fat under epidural anesthesia. The specifics of the surgery is that the purified fat cells from the belly entered through the microcuts between the folds of the skin (or under) the buttocks into intermuscular area. Lipid tissue is involved in the formation of the new contours of the buttocks, according to the wishes of the client.

Fat transfer to buttocks from tummy, reviews about which you will find on our website, is performed under local anesthesia. This surgery refers to surgery of medium complexity. Just before the start is injected to the patient specific sedatives.

The procedure is considered to be completely safe. It boils down to the method of transplanting adipose tissue of the patient in the area of the buttocks. This eliminates the reaction of rejection and give the desired contour of the buttocks. Lipofilling not take much time. The procedure lasts from one to several hours. The first results are visible already after the second procedure.

Before belly fat transfer to buttocks, the patient must undergo a compulsory medical examination. During this examination the doctor examines the patient’s history, its structure of the musculoskeletal system, as well as the muscle structure of the buttocks.

Also, the patient makes a blood test, electrocardiography, chest X-rays and tests for hereditary diseases. Heavy smokers need to quit smoking no later than 2 weeks prior to surgery. Before the surgery, the patient is required to take a warm shower and thoroughly wash the body.

The procedure begins with the removal of the desired fat from the abdomen and thighs. After that, in the area of the buttocks doctor makes a small incision. Removed fat injected into it and sew up the incision with a cosmetic suture. For yarns are thin threads that do not leave scars on the delicate skin.

In general cases buttocks retain their shape for several years. Much depends on the professionalism of the plastic surgeon. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. However, the recommended Lipofilling under general anesthesia if there are removed many fat cells from belly.

The procedure lasts about 70 – 80 minutes. The result is stored up to 3 years.

Benefits of belly fat transfer to buttocks:

  • no risk of tissue rejection;
  • new forms look natural;
  • rapid postoperative recovery;
  • increasing skin elasticity;
  • no side effects if you follow all medical advices.

Indications to fat transfer:

The procedure is performed in the case of:

  1. asymmetry or irregular shape of the buttocks;
  2. with a significant lack of soft or fat tissues;
  3. deformation of one or both buttocks after illness or injury;
  4. flat or smooth buttocks.

Also, this procedure can be passed by those who want to have an attractive figure. Lipofilling buttocks – a secure method of correction.

Contraindications to belly fat transfer to buttocks surgery:

  • age under 25 years;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • violation of the metabolic processes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the recovery period after chemotherapy.

All who wish without restriction may undergo the procedure. The only exception from the rules are patients with a noticeable thinness, do not have enough their own fat tissue for a qualitative procedure. For them a more viable option consider using buttock implants.

Recovery after procedure

  1. In the first few days after surgery you may feel mild discomfort. Swelling goes during the week.
  2. It is recommended to refuse playing sports in the postoperative period.
  3. It should adhere to proper nutrition and exclude from the diet alcohol and energy drinks.
  4. The first week you need to take antibiotics recommended by the attending doctor, apply compresses.
  5. Always wearing compression underwear.
  6. Within a month after surgery forbidden to visit bath and sauna. For more detailed recommendations will provide by attending doctor because they have individual character.

Extract the patient passes almost immediately after the surgery or the next day. The main recommendations for a speedy recovery include:

  • observance of the diet prescribed by your doctor;
  • decrease in physical activity;
  • avoidance of sexual intercourse;
  • refusal of sauna visiting and acceptance of baths for a month;
  • compulsory wearing of shorts and tights with the effect of maintaining the buttocks.

Also, in the first weeks after surgery, doctors are advised to avoid wearing high heel shoes. The average recovery period takes from a week to three months. To avoid swelling and bruising, doctors recommend wearing a compression garment. Usually it carry from one to several months.


Serious consequences are:

  • the emergence of a strong swelling in place of a cut;
  • the presence of small scars or bruises;
  • getting infections and the probability of festering.

For a reasonable price and without the need for complex surgical procedures, such as, for example, butt implants, with help of belly fat transfer to buttocks you become the owner of a beautiful and taut buttocks, shapes and desired sizes of certain parts of the body. To verify this, you can read the reviews of previous clients.