Brazillian but lift workout exercises

Brazillian but lift workout – is the set of exercises will help you to quickly pump up the muscles of the buttocks, improve their shape and relief, make buttocks more rounded, supple and attractive. The main thing is follow the rules and a technique, as indicated below. Brazillian but is not a pipe dream.

All of us, regardless of gender – women and men – at the first meeting with a stranger pay attention to his appearance. I think you’ll agree that a slim and trim figure attracts us far more than the shapeless silhouette and folds of fat.

A resilient rounded buttocks – is one of the major advantages of any girl. And even some men. But this part of the body is not perfect for all from nature, sometimes you have to “work” with it, to make it the subject of admiration for one and envy – for others.

Some hopes for implants and plastic surgery, and the most persistently to achieve results with the help of sports. If you belong to the second category, then this article is just for you.

After studying the recommendations of the professional coaches, we have chosen the most effective brazillian but lift workout to lift buttocks. Regularly performing them even at home, you are guaranteed to get the elastic ass after a few weeks of workouts, and will remove the cellulite on the buttocks.

But before you start exercising, not be superfluous to understand how work the gluteal muscles. First, you should know that there are three muscles: large, medium and small gluteal muscles.

Many will be surprised to learn that they are almost not involved in walking. In fact, they are involved in hip extension and straightening of the body, so if you touch the buttocks when walking, you will notice that they are stretched to a very small extent.

Only when running or at a fast step, when the load increases, these muscles come into action. The understanding of these things enabled us help you find the right and effective exercises to strengthen the buttocks and to understand how they affect our muscles.

A permanent work on the buttocks – the key to elastic brazillian but

In this part of the article presents brazillian but lift workout with exercises for tightening the buttocks. A detailed description and illustration will help you choose the most suitable for you personally, and, most importantly, will help to implement them in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and sprains. Remember that exercise with leg back lunge strengthens the large muscles of the buttocks, and in the side – middle and small muscles.

Squats for but lift

To warm up the muscles the little jogging is perfect 7-10-minute exercise on a stationary bike or climbing stairs.

Workout exercises

Exercise № 1. “Useful swings”
It is a complex of 4 types of exercises designed to stretch all the muscles of the buttocks. You need to perform 15-17 times every kind for both legs: first for the right, then give your muscles a couple of minutes of rest to relieve tension, then for the left leg. Starting position (SP): Get on your knees, lean on the floor by straight or bent arms. Bend your leg to 90 degrees and lift it up until the thigh will not be with the body in one line. At the same time, make sure that the shin is strictly perpendicular to the floor.

Brazilian lunges

Exercise № 2. Swings by leg back
Exercise is excellent will tighten the gluteus maximus muscle and eliminate the wrinkles under the booty. SP: Stand facing to the support and place your hands in it, your back straight.

Take the leg (right or left, as you prefer) back up, trying to lift the thigh higher, then lower it backward. It is important that body at this moment does not rotate or tilt. Repeat these steps 20 times for each leg.

Light tingling and muscle tension indicate that you have done everything right and pumped those areas that are difficult to pump without any special exercises. Every 2-3 workout, increase the number of swings by 5.

Exercise from workout for brazillian but lift

Exercise № 3. Squats
One of the most effective exercises from workout for brazillian but lift. SP: legs wide apart, straighten the chest, pull arms forward. Tilting the body forward, bend your legs and push your pelvis back, like squat, most importantly do not bend your back and do not tear off the heels from the floor. Returning to the SP, sure to strain the muscles of the buttocks. Perform each exercise slowly and making sure that your knees, when squatting , do not protrude farther than the toes. Make 4 sets of 15-17 times. For greater load you can squat with barbell on shoulders.

Exercise № 4. Lunges
One can say that this is the most effective workout to lift buttocks. There are 3 different exercises: lunges forward, lunges backward and lunges forward and backward. SP for forward lunges: Stand up straight, put your hands on the waist. On the inhale take a step forward and slowly squat, do not forget to keep your back straight.

squats with barbell

Make 4-5 sets of 15-17 times for each leg. Make sure that the knee of moved forward leg were on par with the fingers of the feet. For heavier loads, exercise can be done with dumbbells or just with plastic bottles filled with sand or water. The illustration below shows just this option.

Relaxes the muscles during workout and after

In order to muscles hurt less in a day after the workout, you should not forget about their relaxation and stretching during and after workout. Give your muscles a little rest after each approach to exercise, for example, follow these steps:

  • Lie on the floor, lift your legs up and shake them, thereby enabling them to relax.
  • Leaning forward from a standing position, try to grab yourself for your ankle and stand in this position for 5-10 seconds.

To relax the muscles well helps a warm bath after a workout. We do not recommend that you only be engaged physical exercises day and night. Long-term workout conversely can discourage the desire to practice sports. A more rapid effect can not be achieved for physiological reasons: the muscles need a certain time to change its structure. 30-35 minutes – the optimal duration of exercises.

The best incentive – visible result from workout

squats with weights

The main rule: do not forget that significant results can only be achieved by regular exercises and dieting.

In contrast, the small physical activity (15-20 minutes per week) and an uncontrollable amount of consumed calories will not give the desired effect even after six months. Achieving any goal requires an effort above itself and your beautiful tightened elastic butt – is no exception.

Perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks on a daily basis (allowed only 1-2 days of rest per week), and after a month you will notice a long-awaited result of brazillian but. Believe me, this is the best stimulus for further workout.

Tip: to not get tired of monotonous sessions, alternate various exercises and load. For fast effect is recommended to develop a set of exercises, based on your readiness and inner feelings. And when receiving the desired result do not stop workout, tightened figure should also kept in shape. Exercise and stay healthy and beautiful! This workout will help you to lift buttock and achieve brazillian but.