Options For Buttock Sculpting And Augmentation

There are several options for you to improve the shape of your buttocks. One option is to sculpt the shape of the buttocks with targeted liposuctioning and to add volume to the desire areas with fat injections (also known as fat micrografting).

Other options include buttock lifts with tissue augmentation (which are popular with people who have lost volume in that area because of weight loss). Buttock implants are also option. My preference is to treat a patient with your concerns with liposculpting and fat injections. (C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

It all depends on your goals and your body type but there are ways to slightly enhance your buttocks without plastic surgery.

Working out can make the butt perkier and can add firmness to the area.

Now, in order to increase volume and add that hour glass appearance permanently, surgery can be done. There are two options. A. Fat Transfer or B. Butt Implants.

Both can achieve a natural look and safe outcome.

Make sure you always consult with a board certified surgeon! (Keith S. Berman, MD – Account Suspended, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Buttock augmentation by fat grafting is safe and effective. Another alternative in patients that do not have enough fat would by buttock implants.

Both are safe when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. (John Nguyen, MD, FACS, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Two surgical options for buttock augmentation

18 Year Old Woman Treated With 548cc Butt Implants And 400cc Of Fat Transfer By Dr Johnny Franco, MD, FACS, Austin Plastic Surgeon

Two methods for buttock augmenation include: 1) Fat grafting using your own fat cells; and 2) Buttock augmentation using silicone implants Patients with adequate donor fatty tissue elsewhere on the body may be a candidate for fat transfers.

However, many patients who desire buttock augmentation do not have much excess fatty tissue and must rely on a silicone implant to achieve an augmented or fuller buttocks. (Sanjay Grover, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Most who do a lot of buttock augmentation prefer fat

I have done a lot of buttock augmentations over the past 5 years, and like a lot of people, I thought I would end up doing a balance of fat and implants. This has not been the case.

Thin patients, on whom you would think implants would be ideal, are in fact, not that easy to deal with. The implants can be palpable at the outer edges.

Secondly, because of anatomic constraints, the implants can’t go down as far as you would like, or it can cause nerve compression.

21 Year Old Woman Treated With Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr. Ramon Robles, MD, Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I have had to do implant revisions for both palpable edges (used fat injections to increase soft tissue at the edge), and pain from nerve compression. Finally, the implant can’t give the volume augmentation you want, because the larger the implant, the more noticeable it is.

A “fake” appearance of a buttock implant is not troublesome by itself, it’s just that it causes problems when you sit, especially if you are thin. I have done a few skinny patients with fat injections, telling them to focus instead on the change in body contour, and that when the fat grafts take, the weight gain will be predominantly in the buttocks.

One patient in particular has gained a lot of weight, and now wants a lipo to the upper pole of the buttocks to reduce the size of the “shelf” I had created. As far as to how long fat lasts, when done correctly, a large percentage of the fat grafted is permanent. (Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

24 Year Old Woman Treated With Butt Implants With Dr. Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS , Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I recommend ONLY consulting with an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, who can evaluate you and make recommendations on how to enhance your buttocks. Save yourself from the risks and long term complications that can result from illegal buttock injections by unlicensed injectors! (Paul Fortes, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Buttock Enhancement

There are many ways to enlarge the size of your buttocks. The non-surgical way is to regularly perform resistance exercise of the gluteal muscles to enlarge them. This along with aerobic exercise, with improve your shape and enhance your look.

However, this does require a lot of exercise and is limited by your anatomy. Plastic surgery has allowed us to use liposuction and other tools to improve a woman’s figure. The brazilian butt lift, entails liposuction of various areas of the body, and transfer of the fat to the buttocks to re-shape and enlarge the area.

28 Year Old Woman Treated With Brazilian Butt Lift By Dr James E. Hardy, MD, Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I most commonly use the abdomen, flanks (“love-handles”), and back for the liposuction.

Other areas can be used based on the patient’s request (e.g. thighs, arms, breast rolls, etc.). The fat is processed and used to give the buttocks more projection and to make it rounder.

This technique is very safe and popular. Another method to enhance the buttocks is the use of silicone implants. These are placed through incisions in the crease and can be placed above the muscle or within the muscle.

I prefer to place the implant within the muscle so that it looks more natural. I reserve this technique for patients who do not have enough fat to transfer. It is also not ideal to enhance the hips, as it only gives you posterior projection.

30 Year Old Woman Treated With Butt Implants And Breast Implants With Dr Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD, Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

These two methods require plastic surgery. (Moises Salama, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

How to Get a Big Butt

The best way I believe to get a larger shapely buttock is to undergo fat grafting to the upper buttocks.

This procedure involves liposuction of fat from other parts of your body and then filtering the fat and reinjecting it into the upper portion of the buttocks.

This gives a nice enlarged buttock that lasts for a long time and is quite appealing. (Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

To get a better bottom, definitely, a plastic surgery is the answer. There are different options to get a better and improved behind. Transferring fat to the buttocks is the best option at the moment because your own fat removal is very versatile in sculpting your bottom and also your hip to waist ratio.

Doctor Umeng David Thao, MD, Saint Paul Plastic Surgeon – 42 Year Old Woman Treated With Brazilian Butt Lift

In addition, butt implants are another option. Consult a plastic surgeon to determine if you’re currently a good candidate for any of the options that are currently on the market. (Wilberto Cortes, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon)

Definitely fat

Fat grafting to the buttocks, the so called Brazilian butt lift is most definitly the best solution.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is dramatically rising in popularity in Europe at present, I would even call it a hype.

However, my perception may be enhanced by the fact that I practice at the Mediterranean with a very outdoor orientated lifestyle. We only resort to buttock implants if there is absolutely no other possibility, fat transfer is simply better. (Alexander Aslani, MD, Spain Plastic Surgeon)

How to improve the appearance of the buttocks

Doctor Wendell Perry, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon – Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock augmenatation has become very popular in the last few years especially with the use of fat transplantation. In my practice it has become the number one procedure. The buttocks need to be examined from various perspectives: size, shape, projection, widtrh, hips and adjacent areas.

The ultimate aim is to restore roundness. Many buttocks appear as square or rectangular shapes. You need to be examined by a Board Certified plastic surgeon who specializes in buttock augmentation in order to properly assess what has to be done.

In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon you should be able to achieve a very staisfactory result provided that you have sufficient donor fat. (George Lefkovits, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)