Recovery for brazilian butt lift

The duration of the brazilian butt lift recovery period as a whole identical for most patients, but it may affect the individual characteristics of the organism.

During the first two days the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. The following days can be carried out both in the clinic and at home. Discharge from the hospital is dependent on the condition.

Sutures are removed usually on the thirteenth-fourteenth day after the surgery (if they were imposed by conventional threads).

Many patients are not ready for a pronounced soreness, discomfort and prolonged restrictions during the recovery period after brazilian butt lift surgery. It takes longer and harder than after mammoplasty and prosthetic legs, as the buttocks area is movable, which causes constant pain.

In many hospitals the surgeons claim, that you can safely sit after in or two weeks after the surgery. However, according to those who have undergone surgery, it becomes clear that is possible to safely sit only a month.

Before the surgery, you should ask the surgeon in detail about all the subtleties and nuances of the brazilian buttlift surgery recovery period and the possible complications in the future.

In some cases, seroma accumulates around the implant, from which it is necessary get rid of.

In general, the duration of the brazilian butt lift recovery depends not only on the skill of a plastic surgeon, but also on the body’s ability to regenerate. For some patients need to pump fluid from the buttocks over a month, using drainage and special preparations.

Before buttock implant surgery must be ready for the following complications:

The recovery period for the brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks

  • the asymmetry of the buttocks;
  • displacement of the prosthesis, the output of contours outside the box;
  • pain in the legs due to the displacement of implants and pressure on the sciatic nerve;
  • gait disturbance due to damage to the sciatic nerve during surgery;
  • formation of interstitial fluid at the point of correction, which is evacuated through the puncture.

To avoid complications, you must strictly comply with all recommendations of the plastic surgeon. You will be able to proceed to the everyday way of life with a number of limitations in two weeks after surgery. After six weeks (in the normal course of the recovery period for brazilian buttock lift) you can make exercise. On average, the recovery period after brazilian butt lift lasts about four weeks.

Subtleties of the postoperative period

Bbl surgery recovery before and after picture

Early recovery period is accompanied by painful sensations that pass through one or two weeks or later. Perhaps the fever in the first few days, a temporary reduction in the sensitivity of the feet.

We must remember that these symptoms can indicate bleeding or festering wounds. Discomfort does not leave the patient for two to four weeks and disappears after eliminating puffiness and complete healing of the tissues.

The final result is shown in three-four months after the surgery when the swelling disappear completely. The deformation of the implants is unlikely. Even if there is a gap, the gel does not flow out of them, due to high viscosity.

How is the recovery from brazilian buttlift

Sitting during the brazilian buttlift surgery recovery is harmful

Overall, the recovery period can be characterized as follows:

  1. full recovery – a month or two;
  2. hospital stay – up to two days;
  3. removal of sutures – 10-14 day after surgery;
  4. expressed pain – up to one week;
  5. limitation of physical activity – throughout the recovery period;
  6. you can not sit, sleep on your back – for two weeks.


Chief ban after brazilian butt lift – inadmissibility of intramuscular injections in the gluteal region. Now it is possible to do injections only in the thigh area. You should be made aware of all the doctors about it.

Recommendations of physicians

Compression garment after bbl for recovery

The patient can not take a shower in the first three days after surgery. Within three months, you should refrain from visiting the baths, sauna and swimming pool. You can not go to the solarium and take a hot bath the same time.

In the first few weeks (usually within six to eight) should wear a special compression garment: breeches or shorts. This is to ensure that during rehabilitation formed capsules around the implants, ensuring their future immobility on the buttocks line. If you do not use a compression garment, it can lead to the displacement of implants, which can lead to revision butt lift.

Special clothing promotes rapid regeneration and proper fixation of the implants, as well as significantly reduce the pain. If the wearing of compression hosiery is not uncomfortable, it is recommended to extend its use to two months. This period is necessary for the final formation of the capsule around the implants. You can play sports in a half or two months after buttock augmentation surgery (depending on the speed of regeneration of tissues and reducing of swelling).

Brazilian Butt Lift Compression Garment photo

At first, the need to minimize the amount and intensity of exercise, during which the main load is on the glutes.

During the bbl surgery recovery period is extremely important to follow a diet (sufficiently adhere to the correct power supply) and control body weight. You should also stop smoking and drinking.

Weight of the buttocks after the introduction of implants is greatly increased. It is necessary allow the body to get used to it. It is recommended to wear as much as possible the special support shorts even after complete recovery.

Frequently asked Questions

How long should I stay in the clinic?

Drains after bbl photo

After surgery patients remain in the hospital for a day – two. At the request of the patient, this time can be increased. Many patients go home after the first day of hospital stay.

When can I play sports?

Buttock implants are designed for heavy loads. After surgery you can lead a full life, including exercise. Three months after the operation can proceed to the sport with a maximum physical exertion.

In general, the timing depends on the speed of recovery of internal tissues, and patient experiences.

Am I Entitled To Sick Leave?

Sick leave are not issued. However, at discharge from the hospital compulsorily issued paper, stating the date of the surgery and the doctor’s recommendations regarding the recovery period (duration, limitations, potential complications). On the basis of this paper you can contact the clinic for registration of sick leave. Otherwise it is necessary to take time off or leave without pay.