Kim Kardashian buttt

Kim Kardashian buttt do not give rest for many fans of her. The most desperate fans are turning to plastic surgeons, begging them to insert implants in the buttocks, to even slightly come closer to the image of an idol.

However Kim insists that her buttt is a merit of of Mother Nature, not medical instruments in the hands of an experienced surgeon or a beautician. Looking at retrospective photo of Kim, we are confused and do not know whom to believe.

The body of Kim Kardashian – the passion of fans and of her lover Kanye West, as well as a source of stable income for enterprising specialists in plastic surgery. Clutching photos of Kim, thin girls with modest shapes are literally stormed clinics around the world, asking them to re-create the same buttocks. In the meantime Kim thanked Mother Nature in every interview, and Tracy Anderson, a fitness instructor that for “some” of $ 5 000 per month she almost re-molded the body of superstar of reality show. Many people do not believe. And the more itself Kardashian is trying to convince all of us that did not seek professional help, the more we doubt.

Rumor has it that the beloved Kim – Kanye West considers her luxurious buttt the main advantage of celebrity. Kardashian, in turn, is trying hard to please her man and regularly strengthens its strong side. Question: How is she doing?

After examining photos of Kim over the past eight years, we have found that over time, her appearance clearly undergone a number of changes.

And if the facial features become seemed a graceful and precise, then hips and buttocks, in contrast, increased in size. And the first pregnancy, it seems, is not to blame. But if is not pregnancy, then what affected on the butt of the star?

Some people believe that has not been without fillers. Several years ago, Kim already suspected in using them, in response to this she has made X-rays almost in a live her show, and it shamed spiteful critics.

But since then much water has flowed, and many indifferent require to repeat X-rays.

It is likely that its results also will give nothing, because, according to some beauty experts, Kim made the so-called “Brazilian lift” – that is where the liposuction fat laterally pumped into the area of the buttt.

All of this is just assumptions which Kim either does not comment or strongly denies. We invite you to see how the changed shape of the future wife of Kanye West from year to year, and give your opinion!