What are side effects of brazilian buttock lift?

The most common risk involved with the Brazilian Butt Lift is asymmetry and the need for revision in the future.

Risks of brazilian buttock augmentation are similar to liposuction

Brazilian buttock augmentation is by far much less risky than buttock implants. There can be infection, seroma or fluid collection, fat necrosis, skin dimpling, and asymmetry but their incidence is very low. (S. Sean Younai, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

There are many Brazilian Butt Lift risks, but the occurence is rare.

There are several possible adverse risks to Brazilian butt lift surgery, many of which have been delineated by other respondents.

The take home message is that they occur rarely. There are many board certified plastic surgeons in your area offering free consultations in this difficult economic time.

Take advantage of it and go for a consultation to discuss the potential risks in person with a surgeon. (Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

What Are Potential Risks for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Like any other procedure, a BBL has some potential risks associated with it, although they are usually minor and low in incidence. Because the first step in BBL is fat harvesting through liposuction, risks associated with this part include infection, bruising, DVT, dehydration and in rare cases severe bleeding.

Also, especially in large volume liposuction cases, assymetry is a potential risk. The risks associated with fat injection will include infection, assymetry, fat necrosis, oil cycts, subcutaneous lumps, … etc.

All of these possible complications should have a low incidence in good hands, but never the less, should be explained for the patient. (Shady Hayek, MD, Lebanon Plastic Surgeon)

About 60-80% of the time spent on a Brazilian Butt Lift is from the liposuction component of the procedure. The remainder of the operation is the transfer of fat to the buttock. As a result, the risks incorporate both procedures risks including, but not limited to bleeding/brusing, numbness of the skin, contour irregularities (lumps and bumps) especially early post-operatively, prolonged healing, and potential for blood clots that can be life threatening (very rare).

seroma or fluid collection complication after bblFat necrosis is another possibility from the transfer of fat that looses its blood supply and results in dense scar tissue with resulting firmness. Asymmetry, too little or too much correction using fat to the buttock can also be observed which is most commonly associated with the amount of fat one has prior to surgery.

Your consultation with the surgeon should address these possibilities so that you have a complete understanding of the procedure prior to operation day. (Joel B. Beck, MD, FACS, Bay Area Plastic Surgeon)

Brazilian Butt Lift Risks

Every surgery has its own related risks and complications. A Brazilian Butt Lift, which is essentially what you are asking about, is related to the following (although the risk of occurrence is rare):

  • Bleeding/Hematoma
  • Fluid Accumulation/Seroma
  • Skin Necrosis
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Wound Dehiscence
  • Suture Granuloma
  • Skin Sensation
  • Skin Irregularities
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Complications
  • Unfavourable Scarring
  • Suboptimal Results

Brazilian Butt Lift Complications

seroma or fluid collection complication after bblThe risks of a Brazilian Butt lift are minimal but most commonly would be loss of volume with some of the fat dissolving away. Infection is rare and rejection of the fat is unheard of since it is your own fatty tissue that is used for the procedure. Fat embolism and pulmonary embolism are extremely rare and I have never seen with several hundred procedures performed. Fat necrosis which appears as lumpy areas can occur, however, the areas will resolve with massage and several weeks of time. Finally, there are normal risks of any surgery such as bruising, swelling and pain.
Risks include:

  1. Infection
  2. Fluid Collections
  3. Fat Necrosis
  4. Oil Cysts
  5. Abnormal Contour
  6. Failure of grafts to take

Potential risk of a Brazilian Butt Lift: Safer than buttock implants

The most common risk of a brazilian butt lift is asymmetry and loss of buttock volume secondary to fat grafting resorption. The most serious risk encountered would be infection which is usually treated with anti-biotics but less severe than an implant infection.

The most common complaint I receive with this operation is the request for further volume which is is difficult in the thin patient. Satisfaction is increased with the liposuction around the buttock and reliable improvement of the area around the buttock. In general, this is a reliable procedure if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Let me know if you have questions.