Can I Exercise after buttock augmentation ?

Effect Of Butt Workouts On A BBL

Building or toning your gluteal muscles by itself may change the shape of your butt, but should not cause you to lose volume. We forget that the fat grafted into the butt came from another location.

That means the transferred fat will behave like the fat from its original location. So if you lose enough weight to cause fat loss from the donor area, you will see some volume loss in your butt as well.

Also, the volume loss is from shrinking of the fat cells, not from actually losing the fat cells (fat cell death and removal).

Butt workouts per se should not lead to loosing your BBL results. However, the fat transferred into your butt will follow the general metabolism of your body.

In other words, if your metabolism exceed your caloric intake then you will lose weight and part of that weight loss will be from the BBL fat. If you gain weight, then that fat will also accumulate more fat globules and become larger.

the fat once it takes acts like your own fat, meaning, it fluctuates with the normal weight fluctuation. If you maintain your weight at the same level you should not loose any volume gained with the butt lift

If you lose weight after a fat transfer to the buttock, you will lose weight all over your body- including your buttock.

You will also lose weight in your arms, legs, abdomen, back, etc. The weight loss will be proportionate. The nice shape you have after your surgery will be maintained.

The shape will be maintained

lose weight after a bbl

Some fat may be lost if you lose a small amount of weight, but this will not alter the shape that resulted from the butt lift. In addition, performing workouts for the buttocks will help to increase the size and maintain its shape.

Exercise after Brazilian Butt Lift

I do quite a number of Brazilian Butt Lifts here at my Cleveland plastic surgery practice, and I’m always delighted when my patients tell me that they exercise and watch their dietary intake to optimize their results.

Exercise can result in fat loss depending upon dietary intake. Weight loss tends to be generally distributed, but you’re likely to lose weight in the “usual” places that your body likes to lose it first; ie, some people lose weight in their faces first, some in their waist first.

Exercise to build up the gluteal muscles, however, can actually contribute to a better looking bum, so that’s a good thing, right? You do need to understand that a great deal of weight loss will affect the volume of fat in your buttocks.

That’s why I recommend that my patients be within 10% of their ideal weight when they undergo any body sculpting procedure, including Brazilian Butt Lift, liposuction or tummy tuck.

As long as your weight gain is less than 10% of your ideal body weight, it is unlikely that you will see any significant change in the volume of your butt lift.

Brazilian Butt Fat Burning Workout?

I would not recommend doing any strenuous workouts of your butt for at least the first 3 months to allow the fat cells to be pretty securely healed.

And, even then, I would start off slowly and build up to your max routine. After that, building up your muscle may increase your buttocks size. If you loose weight due to your workout or burn fat as you build muscle, your fat cells here and elsewhere in your body will shrink. So, keep an eye on things as you progress.

Working out after Brazilian Butt Lift

This is a common concern for my Brazilian butt lift patients and congratulations on your procedure! In practice, I have found that as long as a patient has allowed enough recovery time to pass before the resumption of working out, that the fat that a patient can expect to loose should be proportional to the fat that the patient could expect to loose from other areas of the body. In other words, you should not see any more fat loss than you would see in the other surrounding body areas as a result of working out. I actually encourage my patients to perform gluteal enhancing workouts, including squats and lunges, after they are roughly 6 weeks post-op.

With that said, I would strongly recommend following up with your operating surgeon to discuss their particular philosophy when it comes to post BBL workout. Surgeons tend to differ on their specific post-operative regimens and I find that it is always best to discuss your concerns and goals with the surgeon who performed your procedure. I hope you find this helpful and congratulations again on your new figure!

BBL and Working Out

Generally I recommend patients to wait 6 weeks before starting any type of work out- as long as it’s a slow and controlled regimen- no weight training for at least 2 months. The fat that is transferred will not go away from working out. This is a question that is asked quiet often and I reassure our patients that although some might go down due to swelling it’s not a significant amount. Work out away!