What is the cost of brazillian but lift?

Cost of brazillian but lift varies with location and surgeon

Plastic Surgery is a free market product. As such, the pricing can vary widely base on many factors. Your location, the expertise of the surgeon, your specific needs and different pricing plans in different practices will all affect the price.

In my practice, the Brazilian Buttock Lift includes liposuction of the abdomen, hips, flanks and lower back, with injection of the harvested fat into the buttock, all in one price.

Shop around a little in your area to get a feel for prices there. Many plastic surgeons offer free consultation in these difficult economic times.

There is usually a set price for a brazillian but lift (approx.2500-3500US$) at our centre. The Brazillian but lift involves removal of the required amount of fat from the abdomen or other areas for augmentation with lipo contouring around the butt for an aesthetic result.

The price quoted in most clinics varies depending on the amount of fat to be transferred and the areas to be contoured along with the butt. The Brazilian but lift is a procedure where we take the fat from its unwanted areas with liposuction and transfer that fat into the buttocks and/or hips.

Giving the patient a beautiful hourglass body shape. The price quote will vary on an evaluation of the patients needs.

Prices for Brazilian But Lift not only vary from area to area, but from person to person as well. The price for liposuction depends on the number and complexity of the liposuction sites.

The price for the fat transfer to the buttocks is generally more stable than liposuction prices, but can vary due to complexity of the case in general as well.Whether a surgeon “sets” a price for you or breaks it down for liposuction of the stomach and fat transfer to your hips and butt, the total should be the same from a particular plastic surgeon.

You just have to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. That’s why a lot of us prefer to break it down for our patients- to make it easier to compare.

Pricing of brazillian but lift varies from location. Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area, but also be sure he specializes in this procedure in order to acheive your desired results.

What tyou are asking is for Brazilian Buttock enhancement. You also may be refeerring to taking the skin and fat fro a tummy tuck and using it as a DERMIS FAT Graft. Both have an avarage cost of $ 13-15K, that is atotal cost.

Fat Grafting  the Buttocks

When patients undergo a Brazilian but lift they often need to have fat taken from more areas than just the abdomen. The buttock needs a certain amount of fat to achieve the results that most patients desire.

Also part of the reason that the procedure is so popular is that the harvesting of the fat from the waist, flanks and hips allows you plastic surgeon to improve your overall shape. How surgeons charge will vary from plastic surgeon to surgeon. It is important to makes sure what is included in your procedure.

It is also very important that you have your procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. The other important topic is to know who is going to perform your anesthesia some practices such as ours use board certified anesthesiologists, but this is not true for all surgery centers.

In general of the procedures that I perform this is one where patients tend to be universally extremely happy.