How to get a low cost for brazilian butt lift?

The low cost of a Brazilian butt lift averages $8,000 in the United States. This price varies depending on the region of the county and with each patient.

For example, if a patient is heavier or has had previous liposuction in the areas to be liposculptured during the Brazilian butt lift, it will require more operative time, more anesthesia time, and more work on the surgeon’s part which will increase the cost of a Brazilian butt lift.

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift may be less if the patient is in good health, has a reasonable shape to start with, and is light weight.

For you, assuming you are relatively young and healthy and have had no prior sugeries in the areas to be liposuctioned, the price may be slightly lower.

Plastic Surgery pricing vary considerably depending on the geographic area and the expertise of the surgeon. Our cost for Brazilian Butt Lift starts at $3000 + MD Anesthesia related costs but will vary depending on the amount of fat to be removed, the quality of fat to be processed, and the amount of fat desired to be injected back into the buttocks.

The costs in South Florida tend to be less than more expensive cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or Houston. Since we own our AAAASF nationally accredited facility, we can ensure that key staff is maintained (more than 15 years), strong relationships with our MD Anesthesiologist (also more than 15 years), and eliminate wasted costs.

This allows the safest and most comfortable environment for our patients, and the best possible value. Consult with 3-4 board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options.

Cost of a Brazilian butt lift may be less if the patient is in good health

I don’t know that you have enough fat for a significant augmentation of your buttocks and from the picture it doesn’t look like your hips are 40 inches.

However, the improvement in body contour that you would appreciate with the liposuction alone would be significant.

Expect to pay around $10,000 for your surgery, although this number can vary depending on the surgeon and the geographic.

Low cost of brazilian butt lift is quite variable depending on geographic location. It also depends on the number of areas that you will require liposuction on.

The surgical fee for a Brazilian butt lift

BBL cost depending on geographic location

The cost of the Brazilian butt lift depends on a number of factors. These factors include, other adjacent areas that need to be sculpted, like hips or thighs, how much fat is needed for augmentation, etc. The most important thing is to choose a surgeon that has lots of experience with this procedure, as this surgery is very technique dependent. The fat has to be removed, processed and placed in a very specific fashion to achieve optimum final appearance and longevity. In my practice surgical fee for Brazilian butt lift is 5-8 K, in addition there is surgery center charge of 1-2 K, depending on the extent of the procedure.

The cost for a brazilian butt lift procedure, or fat transfer from unwanted deposits of fat (such as the abdomen, flanks, back, waist or thighs) to the buttocks, take about 3-6 hours surgical time, and may cost around $7,000.

Miami has some of the cheapest prices for cosmetic surgery in the country. The lower cost for the Brazilian butt lift could range between $5500 and $6500 depending on the amount of liposuction that needed to be done.

Cost of a BBL averages $8,000 in the United States

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. The liposuction is a majority of the work and takes the majority of the time during the Brazilian butt lift procedure. So the amount of liposuction needed to determine the cost of the procedure.

fat transfer from unwanted deposits of fat cost

My patients have found it extremely helpful to plan for this procedure by providing me with their photographs and using our software to morph the photographs so that they can get an idea of what they could look like after surgery.

Keep in mind that after surgery you will need to minimize the amount of pressure on the back and gluteal regions. Your final result will depend on the amount of fat that we will be able to remove and how much you would like to have added to your gluteal region

Think of enhancing your abdomen, flanks, back , may be thighs and buttocks. That will give you the best results Total price including anesthesia, by an anesthesiologit, facility, compression garment is $12-15K

There are many factors the determine a good candidate, but having excess fat as well as where your fat is and having a proportionally small buttocks are what defines a good candidate for this procedure. You also have to be in good health and have realistic expectations. You definitely have enough fat to provide a significant increase in size of your buttocks. “How much” is always the big question. And how much you are hoping for is another. I would comfortable say that you should get an excellent result if the procedure is done well and you follow an appropriate post operative regimen