Can you combine tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift at the same time?

The tummy tuck procedure and the Brazilian butt lift procedure must be done in positions that can cause the results to become affected. Tummy tuck is usually performed last due to the risks and the prosedure steps and thus the Brazilian Butt lift could be affected by the result.

Also you should not lay on your stomach after a tummy tuck for one or two days and you should not lay on your butt after a Brazilian Butt lift so it can be uncofortable (Jonathan Fisher, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Performing the surgeries at the same time is not an issue, and I could perform both in 3 hours. I usually advise performing the liposuction of the abdomen, sides, and back with the fat transfer to the buttocks first. Then return 3 to 6 months later and perform the tummy tuck.

This will produce better results and will add a measure of safety. In addition, recovery will be easier. It is very hard to recover from both at the same time. The tummy tuck will prevent you from resting on your stomach and the buttlift will prevent you from resting on your back or butt. (Kenneth B. Hughes, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Quite frequently when I perform a tummy tuck, I also do liposuction of the entire mid-section. This provide a great source of fat to graft to the buttock. I typical get about 4000cc from the liposuction and once the fat is prepare I will have around 500cc of pure fat to inject in to each side of the buttock which give a great shape.

The liposuction of the midsection also helps to create definition to the upper buttock. A tummy tuck alone will not accomplish this goal for you.  (Michael Chiaramonte, MD, Washington DC Plastic Surgeon)

Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck at same time: yes, in most cases

I would absolutely consider doing both these procedures at the same time. I work with an experienced OR team, and we can accomplish these procedures within a safe time in the OR. The two work very well together, actually, because I can aggressively remove as much fat as possible from the lower abdomen (which will be removed during the tummy tuck) and use all that fat for the buttock augmentation. (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

There are risks to any surgery and certainly performing a prolonged procedure does increase the potential risk of adverse anesthetic reactions, hypothermia, deep venous thrombosis with pulmonary embolism as well as other associated risks. Risks may also be related to your specific medical health. It is difficult to say if the combined risks of staged surgery will be any less than one prolonged surgery and it is best to discuss this with your surgeon. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

If everything is ok on your blood work there’s no problem in doing both procedures at the same time. I have a large experience in this combination and it is totally safe and will get good results in 3.5 hours surgery. (Manuel Diaz, MD, Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon)

Performing tt and bbl at the sameI don’t recommend doing a tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt lift at the same time due to the difficulty with recovery and positioning. After a tummy tuck, you have to lie in a flexed position on your back and buttocks. However, after a butt lift you can’t lay on your back and crush the fat in your buttocks.

So you would have to try lying on your side which would be very uncomfortable after a tummy tuck. Also if any fat is placed on the lateral side of the buttocks during the butt lift, then you can not lay on your side either.

It is best to do the butt lift first in order to use and transfer as much fat as possible. Then do a tummy tuck 3-6 months later. (Stanley Castor, MD, Tampa Plastic Surgeon)

Timing of Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Tummy Tuck

These procedures can be done at the same time, and is not uncommon. The only problem with this is that you need to sleep on your side as you can not sleep on your back because of the BBL, and can not sleep on your front becuase of the TT.

If these are separated, then I usually perform the BBL first as the belly area is a great place to harvest fat for the BBL. After my tummy tucks, I take out most of the fat in this area and there may not be enough fat in the thigh area for a BBL. (Pablo Prichard, MD, Phoenix Plastic Surgeon)

Combining the surgeries are possible

Combining the Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck is feasible. However, it is important that is performed on only appropriate candidates so that anesthesia time does not become overly lengthy. Recovery can be more difficult, and the combined procedure should only be performed by experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons. (Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Butt and Tummy in one day OK

In my practice this is a common procedure and can be performed safely with the recuperative time being no longer than that which would result from each operation performed separately. You can anticipate a high level of satisfaction after undergoing these procedures in the hands of a competent experienced surgeon. (David K. Funt, MD, Long Island Plastic Surgeon)

Brazilian buut lift and tummy tuck – even better when combined!

Yes, it is possible to get an abdominoplasty and a Brazilian butt lift at the same time as long as you are medically healthy. I actually recommend this in your case because we will need all the fat we can get to have a successful transfer – knowing about 50% of the fat will dissipate over a period of 3 weeks. We often do a combined abdominoplasty with liposuction of the entire waist which helps frame in and shape the gluteal contour in addition to the volume augmentation with fat from the liposuctioned areas.

We also harvest all the fat from the portion of lower abdominal skin that was removed from the tummy tuck. We use Exparel, a 72 hour local anesthetic that is injected at the time of the tummy and buttock augmentation to help in the early part of recovery. It’s also much more cost effective to do both combined procedures as they are synergistic in the results you obtain. (Christopher S. Verbin, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Brazilian Butt Enhancement can be done with Tummy Tuck at same time

Yes, you can have both done at the same time. Like what the Brazilians also described, a DERMIS FAT GRAFT taken during a Tummy Tuck can be used for Brazilian Butt Lift. I have done 12 of these with success. (Samir Shureih, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)