Do buttock enhancement pills work?

There Is No Magic Pill

The truth is that the claims by herbal pills are unfounded. As of yet, there have not been any scientific studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of these “alternatives”.

Though some of the ingredients in the “remedy” you describe have hormone-like activity, there is no proof that any stimulation they may provide will cause enhancement of your butt. The only reliable methods to augment your butt is with a Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to the buttocks) or a silicone implant.

Is Dime Curves pill an effective alternative to a Brazilian Butt Lift

This “Dime Curves Pill” sounds like a scam and I would not waste your money on pills to reshape your buttocks. Unfortunately the only way to recontour your buttock is through liposuction and fat transfer. Certainly changes in weight can effect the overall volume of the buttock, but it will not change the shape since this is determined by your genes.

There is no reliable, tested, safe pill that can “grow” a body part. These pills are junk – don’t waste your money. While some of the herbal ingredients listed have some phytoestrogenic activity, they are certainly not specific to the buttock area. The cheapest answer of all is exercise: lots of squats, lunges, and kick-back type exercises.

Can pills give you a larger buttock

There are no pills available that will increase the size of your buttock. You should avoid these unethical claims that an oral medication will give you a larger buttock.

You can only safely achieve the goal of a larger buttock with either fat transfer or gluteal implant. Brazilian Butt lift in Miami goes as low as 2999 for the procedure to start and its the most effective procedure also the most long-lasting.

Maybe you should shop around here and see what you find. Believe me you will waste more money on cheap lotions that could cause you inflamation but you can never go wrong with a brazilian butt lift.

Pills to increase Butt Size

There are all kinds of pills, creams, herbs and machines in the retail marketplace that claim one can increase breast or buttock size by purchasing an over-the-counter product.

I’m sorry to tell you, but they are all scams. I suggest that before you consider a Brazilian Butt Lift that you try exercises for the gluteus muscles (butt muscles) first? It may be a simple case of muscles that haven’t been worked. For example, have you ever noticed that nearly every female gymnast has a nice bottom? Surely their workouts help them achieve this. There are some great exercises on the Fitness Magazine website (search Butt Exercises; I can’t insert the link here). It might be enough to change your bum’s contour and make you happy with it. Try that for 6-12 months. If you’re still unhappy with your shape, only then would I suggest you consider a BBL.

The herbal treatment of buttocks to increase fat is not valid and is a scam. See a board certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in Brazilian Butt Lift to see what can be done.

Although there are useful medications in the herbal category I do not think there are any that specifically target the buttock fat cells to grow. The best treatment for buttock augmentation is the Brazilian Butt Lift utilizing liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock.

The only non surgical way to enhance the appearance of you butt is through exercise. Be cautious when trying any for of pill that enhances any part of your body.

Augmenting Buttocks with a Pill?

Need to get rid of these scams. No pill increases butt projection!. Kinda funny! Butt implants in the muscle and above the muscle are excellent ways to augment the buttocks. SOme people are candaidates for fat grafting as well.