Brazilian butt lift results

Brazilian butt lift results are the photos with the results before and after buttock augmentation on our website.

Voluminous, firm buttocks are one of the most important components of a modern standard of beauty.

Unfortunately, with the help of physical exercise is not always possible to shape this part of the body – in this case it makes sense to refer to a plastic surgeon.

Gluteal augmentation or brazilian butt lift – surgery for increasing the volume and adjusting the shape of the buttocks by installing implants.

Surgery obligated its popularity to the stars of the world of show business – primarily Beyonce and J.Lo – who are a kind of “living advertisement” of this area of plastic surgery.

Indications for buttocks enlargement surgery

The main indication for surgery is the patient’s desire to form the volume of the gluteal region, which may be absent, or in connection with the features of a body or as a result of trauma.

If the problem is sagging skin and tissue – surgeron may conduct alternative operations (buttock augmentation with fat injection or the bum lift).

Buttock implants

As is the case with breast implants, implant manufacturers offer a wide range of products with a variety of parameters.

The specific model is selected by the surgeon based on the individual characteristics of the organism and the patient’s wishes.

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances your buttocks with your own fat

Implants for the buttocks have strong (much thicker than breast) a sheath of silicone elastomer, which excludes any possibility of damage. Highly cohesive (sticky) gel is used as a filler, thus “upgraded” buttocks retain their naturalness both appearance and touch.

Buttock implants can be round and anatomical shapes. The first is usually used for the rounded buttocks, the second – at work with “pear-shaped” buttocks. The important point is the correct selection of the size of the implant, ie, volume of filler, which usually is in the range from 140 to 480 ml. Too small implant will not give the desired aesthetic result, and too large will be bulge by peculiar cones, distorting the shape of the buttocks. In the photos below you can see the different results after buttocks enhancement.

As for the producer – most surgeons prefer the products of the French company (Eurosilicone) and German (Silimed).

How is bottom lift

Butt augmentation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. The implants are installed under the gluteus maximus muscle through small (less than 5 cm) incisions in the sacral area, which in future will be hidden natural skin fold.

This is a truly jeweler work, as the most important blood vessels and nerves are located in close proximity to the surgical site, the failure of which may have very unpleasant consequences – up to disorder of gait.

The recovery period after bottom lift

The first day after surgery, the patient spends in the hospital. Within 2-3 days it is prohibited to sleep on his back, within 1-2 weeks you must sit as low as possible to limit the load on the implant area. About a month is required to wear a compression garment and minimize physical stress.

After 2-3 months, you can return to sports and active lifestyle – including horse riding and martial arts. However, in order to avoid damage of the implant, you can only make an intramuscular injection in any other muscle, except gluteus. The final result of the gluteal augmentation to be only six months.

Pictures, photos and images of brazilian butt lift results

In our gallery you can see the brazilian butt lift results. Each photo contains a reference to the surgeon profile that allows, if desired, contact with liked specialist and arrange a consultation.