Fat transfer to buttocks before and after pictures

Fat transfer to buttocks before and after pictures – are before and after patient’s pictures of successful fat transfer procedure, performed by experienced surgeons of US. Below you can read general information about this procedure, and then will be able to see pictures of surgery.

The beauty of the female body can not be absolute without rounded, curvy buttocks, so changing the shape and volume of the buttocks is a surgery that is conducted primarily for aesthetic reasons.

Because such gift, as perfect buttocks, nature makes not for every woman. The gluteal muscles can be not well developed, or may lack the adipose tissue between buttocks, or general constitution is such that buttocks look flat even after the workout. In all cases where there is dissatisfaction of your aesthetic appearance, plastic surgery with its variety of features comes to the aid.

The buttocks lift can be performed in several ways. The choice of method depends on the task, the original data and the subjective preferences of the patient.

Fat transfer to buttocks – the most simple, secure and low-impact way to improve the contours of the buttocks and thighs. The technique consists in subcutaneous injection of the patient’s own adipose cells. No need to use synthetic chemicals and foreign materials – fatty tissue is not rejected and do not cause allergic reactions.

It allows you to achieve changes in the volume and shape of The buttocks by introducing own fat tissue in intermuscular spaces. This method involves a two-stage procedure: the removal of excess fat from problem areas in the first phase, and the subsequent introduction it into the necessary part in the second.

Removed fat from the body must been cleaned before being used for lipofilling. The purpose of the method – contouring of gluteal region. The result is limited in time, because part of the injected fat will resolve. three years

Here you can see before and after pictures of fat transfer to buttocks surgery. Photos will help you to decide – whether you need surgery or not.