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When women think about the plastic of the buttocks, most often they mean the increase, decrease or correction of their contours. For most of the fair sex, buttocks means just as much as a beautiful breasts – after all, that men pay attention to first on these parts of the body.

Therefore, girls and women everywhere spend many hours in gyms and home exercise machines, performing exercises to increase the buttocks. Very popular courses are “Brazilian buttocks” and, strangely enough, panties to increase the buttocks – in the course and go and persistence, and small female tricks.

Booty Brazilian

Why this phrase has already become a household name? Because most women in South America inherit the beautiful, elastic, rounded shape of the buttocks. Well, those of indigenous women, who can not boast of such genetics, has a long and successful resort to plastic surgeons.

In our country a couple of decades ago, most of the female population suffered from excess weight, and the issue of buttock enlargement was not so topical. But times change, and today women have become more involved in sports, dieting and watching themselves. Women have become slim, and they want all parts of their body to look attractive. Unfortunately, there are parts of the body that can not be made more voluminous with the help of exercises – but buttock enlargement is possible with the help of Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift is carried out under general anesthesia. Through a small incision in the fold between the buttocks or through two incisions at the top of the buttocks, the surgeon installs implants (the shape and size of the implant is selected by the surgeon depending on the characteristics of the woman’s figure). Soft and durable implants of the newest generation are installed in the flat upper zone of the buttocks.

Sometimes, in parallel with the installation of implants, excess fat deposits in some areas are eliminated with liposuction – in this way the ideal proportions of your buttocks are achieved.

After surgery, the patient needs two or three weeks to wear an elastic waistband – panties. The first days may be an uncomfortable sensation, which disappears in the near future. The sutures are removed after three weeks, after which the woman can return to normal physical activity.

Beautiful Buttocks

Now you can get rid of the flabbiness of the skin, the sagging of the buttocks and their “plane”, and in exchange to get for life a tight, athletic, round and elastic butt. But the clinic recommends that you carefully approach the choice of a doctor who will perform this operation.

As in any other surgical procedure in the field of plastic cosmetic surgery, the inexperience or lack of qualification of a surgeon can lead to improper implant placement, affecting the sciatic nerve, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Doctors guarantee the safety of this plastic surgery, and its one hundred percent success.

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